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Posted By:LILLY

Old Comments:

2008-12-29 09:20:14
Is this a memorial to Dubya's Presidency?
2008-12-29 09:13:19
Is this a memorial to Dubya's Presidency?
2008-07-26 23:14:39
See no point in people doing that, always trying to entertain themselves in the strangest of ways. Why didn't they put a kid there and hang all those shoes on him?
2008-07-14 09:39:13
You are so smart poppy ! kutos!
2008-07-11 05:44:59
This is the Shoe Tree in Frisbee Playground, Morley Field, San Diego. Or, rather, was. It fell down on 7 January 2008, caused by a long period of rain.
2008-07-11 03:59:59
the tech in me says to google : "shoe tree" so sad at least on my part. tho the tree is a bit of a sad sight.
2008-07-09 09:35:05
I don't know the story , found it and thought it was different. thanks poppy!
2008-07-09 02:30:59
Do they turn yellow in the autumn and fall down? ;-) What is the story behind the shoes, do you know, Lilly? Unusual picture, I like it!