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Old Comments:

2011-10-14 13:21:26
Flounder is the word I meant to use and I believe I used it correctly for this situation. My on-line dictionary gives this definition for flounder: (1) to struggle or stagger helplessly in shallow water or mud, (2) to be in serious difficulty, or (3) a flatfish. The dictionary goes on to say that the usage of flounder and founder is difficult because the two words sound familiar and because, in some instances, their meanings can overlap. The definition for founder is: (1) somebody that works in a foundry, primarily casting iron or steel, and infrequently a term used for a ship or boat that is filling with water and sinking. So, I can see your confusion, but I used the word that I intended which is the same word used by the Associated Press.
2011-10-14 12:58:14
Interesting photo, but I believe the term you meant to use is 'founder,' not 'flounder.'