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Old Comments:

2009-06-22 05:02:02
"In German EI sounds like I and IE sounds like E - YOU should know that EInzelkampfer." Yes, and the town is called Sheilds, with a long E and not with a long I... rhymes with wields, but spelled the wrong way. I frankly think the sign is spelled wrong or it's named after a family, who, frankly can spell and pronounce their name any way they please.
2009-06-21 03:14:13
Now, Senor Patito - I know that southerners are not yankees - it's the northerners, but I could not resist pushing your button. But, moonshining is not just a southern thingy; my little village, north of the 49th parallel, did have moonshiners - albeit it was more homemade wine than spirits. ;-)
2009-06-21 01:40:08
The Texas State Hist. Soc. website has it Shield...Google earth has it Shields, and my old US Geo Survey topo map has it Shields..but they could all be'd think the folks that live around there would is a proper of a guy who had a store there back in 1906....that i before e thing was drummed into our heads in fourth grade to the point where it's almost instinctive..
2009-06-21 00:55:58
In German EI sounds like I and IE sounds like E - YOU should know that EInzelkampfer
2009-06-20 21:51:23
Amen..if you want to know what small-town Texas is really like, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams have nailed it...we oughta raise a statue of those boys somewhere..or at least let 'em get buried in the State cemetery up in the way..the word 'tuna' in this context refers, I'm pretty sure, to the fruit of the prickly pear ( which are called tuna ), and not the fishy kind of tuna..
2009-06-20 21:43:11
Now, Ms C...I need to explain that while most of the rest of the world considers all people from the US to be yankees, those of us who live down south most definitely do not consider ourselves fact,I was 12 or 13 years old before I learned that damn yankee was two words..and moonshining was ( and is ) pretty much a southern thing...
2009-06-20 17:31:58
Big Tuna is probably an allusion to Greater Tuna and Tuna, Texas, one of the funniest things around!
2009-06-20 17:29:20
I'd say the sign is correct. I usually just say the word and not write it. Funny... but "ei" and "ie" sound the same!
2009-06-20 15:16:52
Shields and Luckenbach are on a Google map ; but Big Tuna Texas is not. Who all can honestly say they remember Big Tuna Texas from David Lynch's Wild at Heart?
2009-06-20 15:01:13
Why is Sheilds spelled with and EI on the sign when everyone is writing Shields with an IE? Which is correct?
2009-06-20 13:50:50
Welll, the town I grew up in was so small that if you blinked passing on the highway, you'd miss it; the streets (more like roads) had no name, the train finally quit coming through (alas no more the moaning sound rumbling through the village), the Post Office was in someone's house....But we did have some drunks. After all, we had a few folks who made moonshine. That was not just a yankee thing, you know. We had a creamery, grain elevator at that time, general store, hotel/restaurant for heavens knows what reason, garage, church, convent, cemetery. What a wonderful place for a child to play and grow up in!
2009-06-20 13:39:26
You are obnoxiuous and loudmouthed are also obviously either a child or a cocksucker...real men, especially Texans, don't talk to each other the way you seem to think is appropriate.. I have also concluded that you aren't really a Texan..if you are, your parents must have moved here from New York or somewhere just before you were born..I have never known a real native-born Texas man who was such a humorless , pretentious, self-rightous asshole...fuck you,,and fuck your momma and your sister too...and your grandmaw ...and if I ever actually catch hold of you in the real world I will stomp a mudhole in your sorry little ass...fuckin' wimpass punk !
2009-06-20 12:57:59
You are right I am obnoxious and loudmouthed when dealing with Texans that have no knowledge of Texas. I hope I never out grow the frustration of dealing with Texans that always think they know about Texas but in reality are only arm-chair Texans. I may not be a know-it-all but I know a hell a lot more than you. But again who doesn't. By the way patito it is so much fun baiting you wheeeeeee-------haaaaaaaaa-----wooooooo you always take the bait. Every once in a while we will look at your comments and try and figure out what will push your buttons. So far it has been really easy. By the way----there are two national parks in Texas. A third was proposed but never added. Where was the location of that third park? Go ahead and look it up because I know you are clueless.
2009-06-20 12:35:31
Well, Einzel..I posted my last before reading Cheetos' last...I believe he is a Texan, but is obviously one of those obnoxious, loudmouthed, know-it-all assholes that have given us a bad name in the rest of the world....but, I figure he's only a kid and might grow out of it...
2009-06-20 12:27:32
Okay...I do hereby solemnly swear that I, El Patito Viejo, will play nicely with Cheetos, er, Chisos ( must be nice to have a beautiful mountain range named after you, huh ? ) and will be dutifully pleasant, civil and respectful, and not kick his ass any more than is absolutely neccessary. oops..I didn't mean that last part..sorry. Heh heh !
2009-06-20 11:57:24
Einselkampfer, you must be a nontexan or have zero knowledge about Texas. The Chisos mountains is the only mountain range that is only in one state. TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have taken Texas history/geography in the Shields public schools. Pattie, thanks for making fun of some of the geography of Texas. The Chisos mountains are in one of the largest national parks in the US. Sorry about mispelling your name in the previous comment. I love teaching non-Texans some of the facts about Texas. I guess Einselkampfer showed you up about your lack of knowledge of Shields. You are handicapped-----mental handicapped whoooooo-haaaaaaaaaa
2009-06-20 11:25:15
Someone did his Google map search, or whatever. Yeah, this is near Coleman and the landowner had the sign made as a joke. The so-called town is and has always been known as "Shields". It's never been incorporated and never had a post-office. I have family about 3-miles from there and own a bit of land in the Shields "suburbs"! As for jokes, where would any of us be without humor? Now, ya'll be nice to each other. Chisos.... are you one of us, a Texan?
2009-06-20 09:47:28
Whoops..ol' Patito mis-spoke hisself..that town in Coleman County is 's'
2009-06-20 09:43:37
Well, Cheetos, I don't know about Shields, but if you ever have the misfortune to be out in West Texas in Coleman County, and you drive about 12 miles southwest of Santa Anna to the intersection of FM 2131 and FM 1026, you'll find yourself right smackdab in the middle of Shields, Texas, which once had a cotton gin, a store, a post office, and about 100 living souls. Don't know if anyboduy still lives in Shields, but in 1990 there were still about a dozen folks there.'re close on the age thing, and I am retired..But as for the rest of it, son, you are full of shit as a Christmas turkey... I just got home a few days ago after about three weeks beatin' up and down rocky trails out in New Mexico at elevations of better than 6,000 feet...and I'm also a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, which is kind of redundant, really, isn't it..I mean, how many non-white Anglo Saxons have you run into lately? So, there you have it,Cheetos.. I do hope you'll stick around and explain some more jokes to us...
2009-06-20 09:24:08
whewwwwww patty dude......without the internet you would be jokeless. I'm going to try and do a profile on you. You are retired, about 65-75 and have a physical disability that prevents you from getting around and according to your above joke are Jewish. Did anyone notice the joke is not about the population of 1 but the sign it self. It is not a Texas "issued" sign and is on private property. Another joke is Shields Texas does not exist. It does appear on maps but its population is listed as zero.
2009-06-20 08:44:18
Hell, that ain't nothin'...I'm so old I remember what the best thing was before sliced bread...I'm so old I went to an antique auction and three people bid on me...I knew Burger King when he was still a prince, I knew Captain Crunch when he was a buck private, and I remember when Mr. Clean had an afro..I sat behind Moses in 3rd grade...and I remember when the Dead Sea first started gettin' sick...
2009-06-20 05:56:20
...better'n rust.
2009-06-20 05:42:46
I'm so old I fart dust.
2009-06-20 05:37:39
You would know, being so old.
2009-06-20 03:34:12
Whewwwwwww. Those jokes are so old they came across on the Mayflower.
2009-06-07 23:05:43
That ain't nothin'..the town I grew up in was so small both city limit signs was on the same post, and the town square was a was so small the local McDonald's only had one Golden Arch, the phone book just had one yellow page, 3rd Street was on the edge of town, and the New Year's baby was born in July....and we didn't even have a town drunk..everybody just took turns...