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Old Comments:

2009-01-18 20:34:36
i like it.
2009-01-14 03:55:43
P.S.: I had already talked to lilly! She knows that these pics don't came from me but from peman! So, it's still senseless to try to "expose" me with this, saja/peman/artmani etc.! :-P
2009-01-14 03:22:55
OK, susan: I am ok, OK? peman wants to be ok, cause ok is much better than peman, OK? peman make troll post with ok-name, OK? peman also is artmani, saja, sozan, oscar and so on, OK? You see, peman is a bit stupid and still belongs to the kindergarten! Comments from me are ok, OK? Comments in broken YODA-Style english are from peman/saja/artmani etc., ("Out pixdaus "OK" mental patients." or "You are fool (Ok) It is lilly photo." You see? There are missing several verbs, for example...) peman is not able to write a comment like this! So, your "this person" is not me, it's peman, OK? I hope that now everything will be as clear as mud! ;-) Cheers!
2009-01-14 03:13:43
you are fool (saja) It was peman uploading photo. :-P
2009-01-14 03:08:12
Yeah! Click on the names! :-)
2009-01-13 20:45:37
Susan : No it is not Mr peman That is Mrs. OK
2009-01-13 20:30:42
And why is this person getting votes for reposting pictures that lilly has posted ?
2009-01-13 20:18:23
You cannot tell who's who anymore, is ok peman ? is peman ok ? is real peman ? is ok for real ? this has gone past annoying and become ridiculous!
2009-01-13 20:07:53
No I am not Mrs OK I am Mrs OK -- The story Which you told was the funniest of all.
2009-01-13 19:47:02
2009-01-13 19:35:18
You are fool (Ok) It is lilly photo.