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Old Comments:

2008-08-20 05:48:38
Isaac was a folk/soul musician with a distinctive smoky clear voice. He played at Woodstock to wide approval. He was one year older than Jimi Hendrix. Religion, even a seemingly silly one ought not be the basis for derision. Those with ANY religion are better than those with none. [Except those who base militaristic offensive aggression on religion.]
2008-08-14 04:09:11
Sorry. Never heard of him.
2008-08-13 11:03:55
We should not be sad he is gone? What a cold heart you must have...or perhaps you're the first perfect human being ever born. Either way, I hope for your sake that those around you have a more forgiving heart in the wake of your death. It would be very sad to have such judgments passed against you for all of your transgressions...or are you the first perfect human ever born??
2008-08-13 08:54:50
He stood by South Park as they made fun of every race and religion, but when they made fun of his religion (scientology) he quit the show. Hes a hypocrite. We should not be sad that he is gone. The REAL Isaac Hayes died when he wrote a check to Xenu.
2008-08-12 23:20:21
and that is just what he has done.