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Old Comments:

2009-07-05 06:41:56
Anatomically incorrect PK. A baby's head is about the size of an adult's clenched hand. Your imagination has run wild...
2008-03-17 03:58:50
Anyone interested in what life is really like for women in Afghanistan should read "The Bookseller of Kabul."
2008-02-09 04:45:36
Ages 13 in the left picture, about 28 on the right (estimated since she didn't know her own age).
2008-02-06 13:19:09
when she was a little girl she had a look in her eyes that said " im afraid of this world (of the unknown)" .. and her look as older says "i know... and i have lived the tragedies of this world"
2008-02-06 07:11:12
Ears and noses grow during whole life (that's why older persons often have huge noses and ears), but eyes' size always stay same - from birth to death.