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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-09-20 04:27:03
if all else fails, splash your hot coffee on it's face and run like the devil made you run.
2008-09-19 05:24:57
This reminds me of xkcd..that man has a thing for raptors. should always be prepared to face off a raptor; wear comfortable shoes, have your keys out when going to the get the idea.
2008-09-18 04:53:50
the blue bamboo proved no hindrance for the velociraptor.
2008-09-18 02:02:41
Jurassic Toothbrush or Velocibrusher?
2008-09-13 21:23:45
Is this a giant toothbrush or a micro sized velociraptor?
2008-09-13 21:19:08
Absolute no sense, but a good pic anyway! :-)