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Old Comments:

2009-11-28 09:06:01
not shooped, if it were the shadows would be all pixelated. I would know, I've done a few photoshoops in my day.
2009-11-28 05:55:35
i just think it's simply interesting and very very hard 2 do....VERY FASINATING! i just think it's so extrodinary that i want 2 do it but way too hard for me 2 do but if i had 2 try i probly would get it(mabie)have fun looking at the picture :) who eva made this is VERY COOL!!!and AWESOME!!!
2009-11-20 02:47:59
Shooped? I doon't knoow..hard to tell if it was shooped or noot...but even if soo it's still an interesting phootograph, doon't yoou think ?
2009-11-20 01:53:24
2009-11-04 22:51:00
I think that Kandy B is a dirty bitch. No mater how she disgyzes herself.
2009-10-22 01:38:37
Well done ... Very hard to do
2008-05-26 21:21:31
It's fantastic... ;)
2008-05-06 20:06:04
Just WOW...
2008-03-15 11:37:53