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Old Comments:

2010-06-05 13:00:13
This is my photo, I did not give you permission to use it, please take it down immediately!
2010-03-29 04:01:25
It is a lovely mansion jacksparrow. There are other photos of it on the one too. Why are you not posting?
2010-03-29 04:00:28
I'm telling ya fbo...I'm getting fingers on the keyboard aint what they used to be ;-)
2010-03-29 02:40:40
It’s hard to describe Death to the living. No matter how much a living person may understand about Death, there are still certain aspects about it that no one alive may grasp. As well, it is just so complicated it is nearly impossible to include everything about it in one description. I’m sure I’m leaving some things out just because they aren’t relevant right now. At least I knew my death was coming and I could prepare and so could my family. At least I had the death that I wanted ever since I started seeking the spiritual plane, but then it was my karma to be able to achieve that. Karma I had earned. What threw me was being held close to the material plane until the doorway opened to the spiritual realm. My astral and ether were gone. My physical had burned and the ashes were sprinkled. My mind was somewhere else as well, but the soul can’t leave until the entrance to the spiritual realm is opened somewhere near the constellation of Capricorn and it only opens once a year to bring winter upon the land. That’s the day all the souls who died in the past year depart and fortunately for me, some of the living light fires to guide us. Fires were lit for me. I won’t bother with being stuck in the material plane as a spirit for nearly a year. It was just that long because of the day of my death was so soon after the door closed again. It is pretty irrelevant with what happened afterwards. I was now pure soul, pure spirit. Nothing weighed that part of me down, not even my own thoughts anymore. Death came to touch the land to bring winter, opening the door once again and all of us who perished in the past year were waiting to go off to our respective planes. It was the moment I had waited for a good chunk of my life. I was headed to become one with God. There’s a moment I can’t describe at all. I just know I was finally moving forward. I could see the light of Heaven waiting for me and I was heading straight for it. I was a bird flying free. I was a dolphin swimming on the rivers of existence. I can’t explain it. What I was didn’t matter to me anymore. What did matter was my goal of that beautiful plain winking at me to come exist within it now. It was getting closer as I poured myself forward to reach it. I could feel the warmth from the light in my being now. I could hear the music of the spheres and it made my soul vibrate. It was much better then I ever imagined it would be. As the golden entrance to Heaven loomed closer, I was just about to fly right through it when I felt a pair of very human-looking legs around my shoulders, and a pair of hands on my back grabbing me by my neck. Someone had latched onto me and was riding with me. I knew this couldn’t be allowed to happen but I couldn’t even turn my head to see what it was that had grabbed onto me. Then, I heard a familiar voice say, “I thought that was you. Where do you think you’re going?” I stopped moving forward and I don’t know if what had me was thrown off or if it climbed off willingly but I could sense that it had sailed over my head and I could now turn to face my tormentor. Yes, I recognized him. Gunned down just before he was about to resurface. Gunned down while we were still fighting some petty squabble and never got our chance to work it out. Gunned down while we still had conflicts with each other. “Not even bothering with stopping to say ‘Hello’ then, are you? So like George,” John sneered at me. “What are you even doing here?” I managed to ask still a bit stunned by the surprise. “What am I doing here? The same thing you’re doing here. We’re both dead.” “I know that, but what are you doing…here?” He laughed at me. “Haven’t you heard about meeting those who passed on before you again? Dead relatives and such?” I looked around. “I don’t see any of my relatives here. Only you.” “Yeah, that’s because none of them could keep up with you. You went by so fast without even giving any of them a second notice. I had to do
2010-03-29 00:47:13
hee hee - don't you mean you can't correct it?
2010-03-28 19:40:57
Lovely mansion, beautiful lighting against the blue evening sky.
2010-03-28 17:55:13
Drats! You're right; I mispelled it. I also noticed an error in the location. It's a dash between steves and digicams, not a dot. I'm always rushing and doing two things at once. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Unfortunately, I can correct it.
2010-03-28 16:18:51
Try K-O-K-O-M-O, Indiana!
2010-03-28 16:10:11
If I was filthy rich I would build a house in the Victorian or Edwardian style, with bay windows and on. Homes had a lot more character than today's homes.
2010-03-28 13:59:03
Fabulous house!