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Old Comments:

2011-09-06 19:23:11
I got this photo from the U.S. Air Force site, so it's the real mccoy. I and others have posted similar photos before. It would really be something to see.
2011-09-06 14:20:06
The airplane is a C-17 Globemaster, a big cargo plane. The smoke is caused by flares which are released as a counter-measure if the airplane is attacked by a heat-seeking missle. The flares confuse the missle's guidance system and it misses the airplane, or at least that's the way it's supposed to work. The props of the airplane make a circular rotation that causes the smoke trails from the flares to form what's called a 'smoke angel.' I'll post a photo of a good fully-formed smoke angel so you can see why they call it that.
2011-09-06 09:27:01
I saw this on the internet.. They're trying to mimic angels or somthing... But what's the deal with that?O-o