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Posted By:Gabrielle

Old Comments:

2010-02-09 17:06:19
Thank you all. This is a wonderful rose, very sturdy - it even flourishes by the sea - lovely scent and lasts for ages when picked. One of my favourites.
2010-02-08 21:05:25
I agree with Connie. Welcome and thankyou for the beautiful picture of the rose you have posted. It is soooo beautiful, I can smell its perfume.. :)
2010-02-08 18:44:18
Bienvenue ! Et bravo ! Felicitations ! Cette rose est superbe, et j'ai l'impression qu'elle vous va si bien ! Welcome ! And congratulations ! This rose is wonderful, and I am feeling it suits/fits very well with you/yourself !
2010-02-08 15:41:20
Beautiful! I love pink roses
2010-02-08 15:07:25
Jacksparrow..welcome back! Time you start posting some photos.
2010-02-08 12:33:51
Just lovely Gabrielle!
2010-02-08 12:26:46
I thought this was maybe your first. A very beautiful beginning! :)
2010-02-08 12:13:24
Congratulations and welcome on board. A beautiful rose with raindrops.
2010-02-08 12:03:43
2010-02-08 11:16:19
At last I've managed to upload a photo!