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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-04-20 02:37:00
I was just riffing on the title of the picture "SECRET Falls"
2009-04-19 21:10:33
a very apt description thank you for that poppy
2009-04-19 17:15:01
Majestically, Waterfall drops from the cliff Glittery white mist. Haiku by Peter S. Quinn
2009-04-19 15:05:15
a bouts if i knew i would say !
2009-04-19 11:16:39
Top Secret....Sign(CIA)
2009-04-19 07:13:58
I would leave one of those smiles, like everyone else, but I'm a talker, so I'll say this, very funny A Bouts!!
2009-04-19 07:00:19
Actually Kev does know, but it's a secret
2009-04-19 06:40:13
That's ok kev, sometimes the photographer dosen't tell the location, and when it's a good pic like this, it's just nice to be able to see it.
2009-04-19 03:38:53
sorry skip i don't it just appealed to me
2009-04-19 01:29:36
Great picture kev! do you know the location?