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Posted By:Happy Jack

Old Comments:

2010-06-16 03:59:12
A perfectly good explanation Happy Jack. It's understandable that you did not find my post in your search; you would have searched under 'Marc Adamis', so the photo would not have come up. Yes, internet translations has its limits, but it's better than nothing. We do have coastal and northern mountains in British Columbia, along with the famous Rockies that border B.C. and Alberta.
2010-06-15 16:30:09
Thanks Connie, Apparently I didn't search thorough enough for an earlier post, sorry. I took the photo from an Eastern European website that used a different alphabet from the English one that I am used to. Unable to read the information myself, I had it translated via a widget on my computer. When the translation came back it stated 'Adamis' and not 'Adamus', however I know you are correct. Internet translations leave quite a bit to be desired. Also, the translation stated nothing about Mount Rundle, although it did say Canada. This is good to know as I assumed that it must be along the coast in British Colombia.
2010-06-15 13:37:31
I already posted this photo by Marc Adamus (not Adamis). It's Mount Rundle in Alberta, Canada.