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Old Comments:

2008-10-23 14:45:01
He broke federal law, he knew what he was doing. And he knows the penalty for breaking federal law, and he must walk the road that he chose for himself.
2008-10-23 14:39:34
deliberately causing pain to them.......Oh, BS!! Pain is life, life is pain and we all die. And you know what? That pain wouldn't stop just because humans aren't there anymore. It would just be less emotional.
2008-10-23 14:25:34
That footage was fake.
2008-05-11 08:24:59
baby seals are NOT culled,ever.. and BIG seals are tastyyyy! Nom nom nom
2008-05-10 10:19:46
And yet, we now have a man who is being prosecuted for breaking a federal law by saving a baby seal's life...
2008-05-09 21:00:50
Cute pic!
2008-05-09 08:28:33
Yes, no human who ever mistreats an animal deserves to live. Humankind should prove they're dominant species by taking care of all the other species we share the world with, not by destroying their habitat and deliberately causing pain to them.
2008-05-09 03:15:43
i will never ever forget that shitbag Marine who threw the puppy. i wish i could personally throw that guy off a cliff and laugh...and laugh...