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Old Comments:

2009-06-15 03:29:19
Yes, 24. Some with around 90 l. Only one with salted water. Some 20-25 l. for babies, or youngs and "teen-agers" until they are big enough so that adults don't eat them. And some small . For females-pregnants, for sicks, for ... A big work, near an industry ! ... but, happily, I wasn't the owner of this "park" ! ;-) ---- At last I understood today, with the Connie's reply about the "shrimps", how "they" do to look for if one picture is posted yet ...
2009-06-14 06:52:29
Your troll analogy is priceless, Patito! LOL!
2009-06-14 06:20:37
24 aquariums!! we have one in our house and we haven't the time to take care of it. Now about the word Ecology,I think now it's too late to save many places in our planet but we must try...
2009-06-14 04:48:42
Once, we "brought back" from Greece a red anemon. ( Probably we might not, probably it would have been better for it to stay in its sea, probably ... certainly ... It is so far away in the time. ) At this time, we had 24 "aquariums" in our house !... Some ones with salted water. We have kept it alive at home during more than two years. Each day, a pleasure to see it opening/closing slowly like it ( she/he ) was on the waves ... A red one, dark red. But we never saw blue ones ... Like yours. ------------------ At that time, did the word "Ecology" and all its contains exist ?
2009-06-14 04:33:42
Oh yes ! ;-) ... your coral crab, your blue anemon, ... And, at this moment, I forgot the others. But each time : how Thalassa, and "her" underwater world, are magnificient ! How I want to see more ! ;-)
2009-06-14 01:13:48
Thank's patito, you are right.
2009-06-14 00:29:46
...some anemones are hermaphroditic..that is, a single critter can produce both eggs and sperm..but they are animals, in fact they are predatory carnivores, though simple ones.. most animals are elaborations on a goes in one end and what's left after energy is extracted goes out the other..but anemones have just one opening into their other words, an anemones' mouth and its anus are the same hole...kinda like the trolls here on, never kiss an anemone..
2009-06-13 23:55:15
Thank you libellule, I will post more underwater photos, sea is my favourite theme..
2009-06-13 23:22:11
I think that these are both of them ,hermaphrodite..
2009-06-13 22:25:50
Nice...ya'll are aware that these are actually animals, right, and not plants?
2009-06-13 19:47:31
You collect marvellous pictures from underwater : please more and more ;-)
2009-06-13 15:59:52
thanks jacksparrow, the underwater world is so strange and colourful...
2009-06-13 14:23:09
This makes a really great desktop background. thanks danis