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Old Comments:

2008-06-30 15:39:20
What's all this scull-duggery?
2008-06-29 23:22:10
Oliver is correct..but the term 'scull' CAN be used to refer to a small, light, narrow boat made for rowing, or to the oars used to propel such a boat, or to act of rowing ( to scull )..technically, the main difference is that oars as in the photo, sometimes called sweeps, are used one to a man ( or woman ), while sculling generally implies that the rower uses two oars ( or sculls )...some English boating and nautical terms are clearly defined ( port is port and starboard is starboard pretty much everywhere, for example ), but some such words can be pretty arbitrary..there are a lot of regional differences...whether you call a certain kind of boat a punt, a pram, a dingy, a skiff, or a john boat ( or jon boat ) depends a lot on where you whether you call a certain kind of sandwich a hoagie, a sub, a grinder, a hero or a po' boy..
2008-06-29 21:45:01
English is not the mothertongue of all users here at pixdaus!!!