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Old Comments:

2010-06-02 14:53:22
Yeah Gabrielle, you've done it again.... :) Thankyou for finding that out....
2010-06-02 14:42:54
Found it! Strath north of Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland. I thought it looked familiar, I have been there, it is a very beautiful area.
2010-06-01 03:23:29
Get off this site you creep!
2010-05-31 21:28:47
Thankyou Gabrielle. I'm not too sure where this beautiful area is. I have looked around online, but to no avail. I will keep on trying and hopefully, I'll find out where this place could be, soon....
2010-05-31 18:14:30
Nice pic - is it Plockton? Where Hamish McBeth was filmed?
2010-05-31 05:44:59
I just translated what this person wrote down . It is nothing derogatory, just harmless, trivial talk. Just as well. The name this person used though does not describe me one iota. With a failed marriage behind me, that part of life is the furthest thing from my mind. Now to get some more sleep. It is only around 4.39 Monday morning here. Thanks again, Skip. Hope your day is going well.... :-)
2010-05-31 05:32:59
You're welcome Mary, :)
2010-05-31 05:23:31
Thankyou Skip.....
2010-05-31 05:13:55
If anyone has deleting powers would you please remove this?....PictureGirl has however are a first class jerk!
2010-05-30 17:31:07