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Posted By:Mary

Old Comments:

2009-10-05 10:04:54
Please explain, Connie. Thanks for that... :)
2009-10-05 09:09:34
Mary, you're misquoting me ;-)
2009-10-05 08:11:29
Thanks Connie. I will remember that in future. And yes, I agree with you about poppy's pics. She posts really wonderful ones... :)
2009-10-05 05:52:53
POPPY - ALL MARY HAD TO DO IS SEARCH UNDER HER OWN CAPTION 'SCENIC ROAD' AND SHE WOULD HAVE SEEN IT - THE 3rd ONE ON PAGE 1. I remembered right away, and I don't have the world's greatest memory. This is not picking on Mary - I don't pick and choose who I tell when they re-posted. Mary should not start posting without doing at least a minimum search; I thought that perhaps she was not aware that we can do a search. "Unless you're poppy, whose pics can end up in the toilet no matter how good they might be". What??? You posted 5183 photos, 5078 became popular. That means 98% became popular!!! A great many of your uploads, no matter how good or how bad they might be, get well over 100 votes!!! Artemis has 92.5% that became popular; JChip8 has 82.75 that became popular. I am sure you have the highest percentage of popular votes on Pixdaus.
2009-10-04 21:05:23
Yes well, that's my phone's fault. I should really get a proper camera to take photos, and not rely on the phone for them. Oh yes, that's the only right thing to do, to give credits to the photographers. I do not want to pass these photos off as my own work, well except maybe the ones I took with the phone. Sorry everyone that they were not up to standard...:)
2009-10-04 21:00:28
Yes, some photographers mind that we display their photos here, but Pixdaus urges us to give credits. Mary, ANYBODY's pics that get 13 negative votes disappear from sight. They are not taken off the site, they just do not show. Viewers have voted those 2 pics of yours down, time stamp or no time stamp, because they were not up to standard...
2009-10-04 20:16:30
Many thanks, Poppy. I just thought, judging by some of the comments that people put here, that even if you put the name of the photographer next to the picture, that they might mind even if you do that, that they wouldn't want anyone to post their pics in different sites. As with the first 2 photos I posted, they are both gone now from this site. They were taken with my mobile phone, so that's why they are of poor quality. Rathdowne St is a very pretty street. It was too bad that the phone didn't catch the beauty of the area so well. I've seen other pics that have the time stamp on the pic and they are still here for others to see, so why have mine gone ? I have plenty of pics to post, just a little apprehensive to post some of them. Thankyou for your caring and encouragement, Poppy. I couldn't imagine your pics being bad. I've enjoyed your photos alot and will always enjoy them. Thanks again.... :)
2009-10-04 18:33:55
The pic that Connie is referring to was posted 158,066 pics ago, so - as can be witnessed by the votes this pic is getting - not many other people can remember it. Nice to have you posting, Mary. When you post pics and you do know the name of the photographer, it would be good to include it in the caption. I saw the comment you wrote under one of your pics where you asked why your pics were disappearing, but after I had logged in, the pic was already gone. - When a picture reaches 13 negative votes, it disappears from sight. Truthfully, that picture was not good, it was out of focus, merely a snapshot, and the red date and time at the bottom of the pic is always a killer, for any pic. Study the pics that make it to the Most Popular Today list and you'll get a fair idea what the standard and the quality of the pics need to be in order for them to succeed. - Now, this pic is good and is already doing well... Don't be discouraged - it takes a while for most new posters to 'get acclimatized' - just keep posting. The votes will start telling you what 'sells' and what not. Unless you're poppy, whose pics can end up in the toilet no matter how good they might be. ;-)
2009-10-04 14:39:05
What I meant to say is, that if there is a pic with the person's name who took the picture beside it, then I don't really want to post that. I keep thinking that I'm doing something wrong if I post pics with the name of the person who took it. As you can see, I'm only a beginner with this kind of thing. Thankyou everyone.
2009-10-04 14:12:06
Oops. Many thanks Connie for that. I am trying not to post other people's pics. Didn't realize that this particular pic has already been posted. That's what the picture is called, so I went with that name.
2009-10-04 12:54:18
Mary - your caption says scenic road. Doing a search with those two words would have shown that it has already been posted. Doing a search does not guarantee anything, but it helps ;-)