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Old Comments:

2008-06-12 01:41:56
No, holycontagion, I appreciate her in the thousand other places I see her... I just come here hoping to see something other than celebrities, tits and ass. It's all over the web. Why not a site that's about the art of photography?
2008-06-11 12:39:42
Thanks Kingmac she's gorgeous. Apparently some on the site don't appreciate pretty women as much as we do.
2008-06-11 09:31:27
Gosh, I've never seen a picture of HER before. I'm so glad you posted it kingmac, 'cause now I have finally seen a picture of this world famous actress. And so BIG! If she tilts her head back, I can see right up her nose! I hope to see another photo of her, someday. A REAL BIG ONE.