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Old Comments:

2010-04-05 13:47:17
I know that, but all pesche had to do is search under 'scarlet ibis'...the type of birds is on the black bar below the picture. The search mechanism functions better that what some folks are saying, but it certainly not 100% foolproof. You are right about this 'owl' type of problem. I have encourntered it many times.
2010-04-05 12:02:44
Searching is all well and good. However, if , for example, you enter the word 'owl' in the search bar you will get , in addition to some owls, the following: bOWL with water BOWland waterfOWL alley prOWLer yellOWLegs hOWL seOUL slOWLy beyonce knOWLes bOWKLing green Suffice it here to say that the search mechanism is almost as disfunctional and useless as the voting system.
2010-04-05 11:34:28
thanks, I will do that
2010-04-04 13:33:25
You should have done a search under 'scarlet ibis' - Volker has already posted that photo. You might want to do a search under the photographer's name to see what photos of his have already been posted on Pixdaus.