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2009-07-09 15:59:12
2008-05-07 11:06:20
Wow Really Great
2008-05-07 10:31:05
Another interesting thing to consider is that (I think) no single part of a tree is alive for the tree's entire life. The living part of the trunk and roots continually moves outward, shedding bark and laying down wood as it goes... and the leaves are all eventually shed. They're not like animals which have single cells that live as long as the animal's life span (such as nerve cells)
2008-05-07 09:44:02
No.. you're right..that 5,000 years since the creation is "a bible thing"...what we'd call in anthropology a creation organisms have existed on earth for billions of years...but it's my understanding that biologists believe the oldest living individual organisms are those bristle cone pines in California..and they believe the oldest of them are are not quite 5,000 years is certainly within the realm of possibility hat there are, in fact, older individual organisms on 'bout it, Bob 1 ? Isn't this right up your street?
2008-05-07 07:41:06
You don't mean we don't think live organism's exist before 5000 years ago (Isn't that a Bible thing?). Actually this is a part of that website. I will research more about: "Abarkouh’ Cedar tree is indeed among the world’s unique phenomena. Standing twenty-five meters high, this cone-like and evergreen tree has a diameter of sixteen meters. Russian scientist, Professor Alexander, estimated its age to be about 4000 years. Some botanists have surmised it to be up to 7000 years old."
2008-05-07 07:15:23
I admit I don't really know anything about the flora and fauna of that part of the world, but it's my understanding that the oldest living organisms known to biologists are bristle cone pines, the oldest specimens, in California, being a little shy of 5,000 years old...
2008-05-07 07:11:42
linkage is broken. nice tree though
2008-05-07 06:36:40
It cannot possibly be 5000 years old.