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Old Comments:

2010-08-31 06:22:02
I'm wasn't even close. I have recently learned that it is a "wine press".
2010-03-24 07:10:01
Seaside telescope, I think. An older model with the scope missing.
2010-03-23 23:43:20
The top part looks like maybe some kind of electric motor...the bottom part has an out-flow spout as if something is supposed to run off from the pan-like, it might be a device for extraction of maybe olive oil, or a kind of grape press ? The long shaft is a mystery, and it could very well be that there are parts missing . It also appears to be either permanently mounted or is sitting on small raised pads. In places like Santorini a lot of effort is made to create an atmosphere of quaintness. They'll drag an old busted up, worn-out wooden boat five hundred feet up the cliffs and plunk it down on a roof top where there is no logical reason for it whatsoever, because tourists will think it looks quaint, or ethnic, or picturesque or whatever. In fact, Santorini has become about as authentic as Disneyland, and nearly as crowded.
2010-03-23 00:24:44
The locals put things like this together out of old spare parts , paint them various colors, and place them around the villages. They help break the visual monotony of the un-relenting whiteness of everything.
2010-03-22 12:38:07
a weighted, retractable clothesline holder ?
2010-03-22 09:48:43
2010-03-22 09:23:30
I been lookin at that black thing for about fifteen minutes and danged if I can figure what the hell it is. Some kinda wind speed indicator, maybe? Or some sorta seismic movement detector and recorder ? Or a little short-legged , skinny neck dude from the planet ZornxxZ5X who just landed his spaceship in the Aegean ?