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Old Comments:

2009-12-13 00:04:05
....Well, sorta,'s true that Santa Barbara is on the west coast...but that coast doesn't run in a straight north-south fact, where Santa Barbara is, the coast turns and runs more or less in an east-west line, and in the place where this shot was made it runs southwest to northeast....this is Stearn's Wharf, and the shot must have been taken from the beach just off West Cabrillo Boulevard...the camera would thus be pointed almost directly southeast ( c. 135 degrees ) ..the sun appears to be doing whatever it's doing a bit to the left ( east ) of that line, so in fact it's more likely to be rising from that direction than setting......but that's okay, Louise..we still appreciate your help keepin ' an eye on things around here....there is a lot of bogus information in the titles and tags..... : ]
2009-12-12 15:42:47
This is a sunset. Santa Barbara is on the west coast of the United States. The Pacific Ocean is to the west of Santa Barbara, not the east.