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Old Comments:

2010-03-22 23:53:49
All are the lie ! Is Kazakhstan ! Only two kilometers is my grandfathers village from this place.
2010-03-22 20:26:11
This photo was taken by me in New Mexico several years ago, it was on my digital camera card for all of this time. It is along with a series of shots that I took that night!
2010-03-22 17:25:37
2010-03-22 17:24:48
this sunset pic has been all over the Internet for more than 2 years
2010-03-22 15:54:04
I just looked at some internet pages and have found this image, that I photographed myself, on a seven or eight different web sites. This was only put on Pixdaus in the last two weeks, so it is amazing to me as to how fast this was purloined. The image, on all of these websites, is 100% identical to my image, but with the silhouetted sandhill cranes taken out. A couple of these websites include offers to sell the image to be used as a back-ground. I know that there has been a lot of discussion as to Pixdaus members uploading copyrighted images to Pixdaus, but I wonder if this has happened before. Have any of you had your images purloined after uploading them to Pixdaus?
2010-03-10 17:46:21
I really don't know where your comment is coming from Borum or just what your are thinking. This photo is my own and has never been out of my possession until uploading here. I can assure you that no photoshop work was involved. Sometimes I saturate the colors in my photos or selectively burn (to minimize glare) or dodge (to bring out detail in shadows) if it needed. But in this case nothing was needed the sunset colors are exactly as the camera recorded them. As for the Sandhill Cranes in the foreground, I did burn the colors in a bit in order to make them standout more in contrast to the very bright background colors in both the sky and water.
2010-03-10 17:39:27
Thanks Connie!
2010-03-09 20:41:36
worst photoshop work ever!!
2010-03-09 15:37:53
Beautiful sunset and great shot quest!