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Old Comments:

2009-10-10 15:37:33
Uh-oh, you'll have a headache in the morning! ☺
2009-10-10 15:15:20
Might as well, can't have too many trains can we, porter where's that champagne I'm still waiting *~*
2009-10-10 14:50:25
Definitely has that antique steampunk atmosphere about it. Would anyone like to see it in sepia tone? It only takes about ten seconds.
2009-10-10 14:21:44
2009-10-10 12:53:22
Full steam ahead Patito! great pic! hey connie get steamed up and join us :)
2009-10-10 12:52:18
Great oldie, Patito! I love these vintage pics...
2009-10-10 12:43:24
Reminds me of going on the B.C. Rail (when they had passenger service) to northern B.C. It was very narrow in some place. That rail trip was considered one of the most beautiful scenic rail trip in the world. I was lucky to do it before B.C. Rail just became a freight business.