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Old Comments:

2008-11-12 04:28:53
i was gonna rip this Ted joker a new one, but J.S abd patito already took care of that. now go fuck yourself Teddy Boy.
2008-11-11 20:37:30
I spent four years of my young life riding a big US Navy warship, Ted, and I'm a liberal. And I'm goddamn sick and tired of you self-righteous rightwing assholes who think you have some kind of fucking franchise on love of country, patriotism and pride. You and Lush Rimjob and Dick "Dick" Cheney and Carl Rove and the rest of you phoney-ass, four F pussies should sign on for a tour of duty instead of shootin' off your mouths and sending somebody else off to protect your worthless butts.
2008-11-11 12:34:55
I was there once to see the USS Nimitz leave harbor with its full escourt. My heart swelled with patriotism and pride. Obviously, I'm not a liberal.
2008-07-27 20:26:02
Let's go visit a few counties that hate America, then come back to reload.