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Old Comments:

2012-01-19 05:08:15
I'll have a plate of that paella - deliiiiicious
2010-09-09 06:49:03
I certainly agree with you re that marijuana should be legalized, licensed, taxed and regulated. Prohibition in the 1930s didn't work - nor this. Marijuana is not as harmful as over use of alcohol, sugar, trans fat, salt... It's now legal in Canada to grown marijuana for medicinal purposes with doctor's approval. The growers have to be licensed. It works far better for chronic pain management (arthritis etc) than any drug on the market.
2010-09-08 14:52:44
It was most likely something you et. In all my experience ( vast ) with combustible herbs, including the experience of many friends and associates in the same area I have never, ever, not once heard of anyone becoming ill from 'bad' weed. If you really did get sick from smoking bud, it was most likely some kind of fungicide or insecticide residue. One more reason the stuff should be licensed, taxed and regulated just like any other commodity.
2010-09-08 13:15:54
Did I forget to mention that the shrimps and prawns had gone 'off'? Revenge for the bad bud you gave me ;-)
2010-09-08 06:19:53
Sure.. grab a plate and dig in....I can probably only eat about half of that !