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Old Comments:

2011-01-15 04:32:34
That's right ! Thirty days for reckless endangerment of a barnyard animal and open violation of the passenger helmet law ! Bang ! Next case !
2011-01-15 03:42:18
You're going to jail buddy!!
2011-01-15 03:41:42
If this has been posted over 5,000 times on the web, then how can you claim to be "the original poster? "
2011-01-15 03:33:28
It was posted one or two week ago. And commented.
2011-01-15 03:21:17
There is no excuse for this. You are either re-posting this in a attempt to bring in votes, or you are just plain lazy. This photo has been posted 5342 times on the web! And It was recently posted on Pixdaus, however, I was the original poster, but my upload has (mysteriously) been removed.
2011-01-15 03:02:20
mmmm bad pix?