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Old Comments:

2010-09-27 07:19:18
to careful observer: you're nothing but a troll, reveling in causing trouble. ludwig posted his 1st picture in April 2008, when patito did not begin to post pictures till August 2009. you call yourself a careful observer but you could not observe even your own nose on your face.
2010-09-27 06:49:42
That comment went to the wrong place - it's meant for careful observer.
2010-09-27 06:48:03
Just ignore careful observer Ludwig and keep posting.
2010-09-27 06:46:46
So what if Ludwig and FadingAway are one of the same...which I highly doubt they are. All FadingAway did was to add more detail to what was on the gravestone. It's history and some of us enjoy that - no matter what country is involved. As to your last sentence, you sound prissy and uptight.
2010-09-27 06:21:12
I am not the poster known as patito. I do have other names and have many pictures in the top 300 of all time; I also have many in the -9 category (-11 if I could vote for myself as you used to be able to do). I have not the time to post regularly. I post when I see something I like and hope that some of the other 1000's of viewers like. I don't judge myself based on the ratings I get - though I confess that my vanity makes me a ratings whore. I view them as a critique by the regulars, though they have specific tastes and goals. One could only get a true measure of the value of any particular post if Pixdaus could capture the number of downloads each picture gets. When I posted years ago I pushed the envelope with a very high variety of subject matter, from fabulous watch interiors to awsome news pictures to several of the highest rated every pictures of women and girls. One can not expect a (very) high acceptance of virtually anything that is not very mainstream, but that does not mean that one shouldn't post pictures that a smaller group of people will, besides yourself, enjoy. Lastly, I understand you post. I do not wish to critisize its content or ascribe motives. I hope you are enjoying your time here and are not trolling as others seem to think you are. Your post made me post - and that is good.
2010-09-27 05:21:22
I don't know what your problem is but you have a lot of nerve to come on here and speak for everyone as if you know EVERYTHING. I for one, have enjoyed the pictures that ludwig has posted, maybe not this one, but many of his pics have been good quality and interesting pictures. and having heard him speak, I do not believe he is Patito. Alas, you seem to be determined to cause trouble here, so carry on!
2010-09-27 04:54:56
It would seem that ludwig, and fading away, are one in the same, namely patito, and I would venture to say that patito is the only person here even remotely interested in this nonsense. I have observed that ludwig, who posts sporadically, only seems to appear when patito is around. And after taking a close look at ludwig's recent postings, one can safely assume that they have indeed been givin a boost in ratings as I see no other explanation for the amount of votes for such mediocre pictures. Alas, one can only hope that this deception is not going to carry on much longer.
2010-09-27 04:03:23
Samuel Whittemore was plowing a field on his farm near what is now Arlington, Massachusetts,on April 13, 1775, when he saw a British Infantry relief column marching to the aid of the British troops then in retreat from Lexington and Concord. Whittemore, 80 years old at the time, fired on the British from behind a stone wall, managing to get off five shots and kill three British soldiers before being over-run. He was shot in the face, bayoneted thirteen times, and left for dead. He was was found alive trying to re-load his muskett. Although given little hope of survival he recovered and lived on to the ripe old age of 98.