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Old Comments:

2009-12-10 03:21:01
Very interesting photo! It reminds me of a slogan I've seen on Trek Earth sites: "Learning about the world through photography." What I mean is this: I've traveled more than many Americans, but yet I have visited relatively few places in the world. A dozen or so nations, and only small parts of those nations. But I sit here in my home in Oklahoma, USA, and virtually "travel the world" via photos on the internet. I like to come to Pixdaus because it has a good number of photos from Europe and Asia where I have not visited. There are topics I've learned about ONLY through photos, only from surfing the internet. This one about salt pans is a good example. I had never thought about where salt comes from, and now I see a visual reality. Often I jump off from topics in Pixdaus to explore other photos by googling.