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Old Comments:

2010-06-09 13:15:50
LOL !! Thanks Skip. I've come back from shopping with my Dad. I stay with him for an hour, then he goes home to look after my mum as she cannot walk too far and goes around on a frame. I will see her over the weekend. I got some pineapple pieces and tomatoes. That's a start. My Dad gets more fruit and veg than I do. He did however give me a couple of apples from his apple tree. He has alot of fruit trees growing in his backyard and alot of veg too. It is very cold out and soon we're to get damaging winds. I'm glad I'm back home again now...:)
2010-06-09 09:59:55
Have a nice time with your Dad Mary, maybe you can get some fresh salad! :)
2010-06-09 09:54:46
Naughty, naughty... :) Thanks for the laugh too, Skip. I have to go out now and meet up with my dad. We are going to go grocery shopping now. It is cold and wet here today too, so it's great to have the laughs to cheer me up. Thankyou everyone. take care.... :)
2010-06-09 09:50:31
I have to confess too, I stole a few tomatoes, of the plate, but I didn't know it was Libellue's salad at the time, with all the food around here lately, I thought it was like an all you can eat buffet! :)
2010-06-09 09:45:53
BTW, I like the way you put everything back the way you found it too. Very well done, Sneaky Pete. You've got a great memory too by the looks of things... :-D
2010-06-09 09:43:18
LOL !! Thanks for the laugh, Sneaky Pete. You've got a great sense of humour... :)
2010-06-09 09:38:40
Alright, I'm feeling pretty guilty about this so I'm going to confess. I ate that salad last night just before going to bed.. But I got to feeling very guilty about having done so since it was Libellule's salad, not mine. So early this morning when no one was around I made another one just like it and put it back. I never really thought anyone would notice. And I must say, it was very, very tasty.
2010-06-09 09:01:42
That's strange. Now this photo has appeared again. It wasn't there last night. It was just that blank bit with that little mark inside of it, if you know what I mean.
2010-06-09 03:20:57
I wish I had this salad in front of me right now..I'd put a little olive oil on it and a little red wine vinegar and then grate some fresh parmesan or romano cheese on it, then gobble it up ! Pass the crackers, please !
2010-06-09 02:41:31
Mary, you mean it is not the photo of yesterday ? To put my comment above today, I looked for this picture in "newly added" "around" the area it was yesterday, and I found it. I don't understand how a comment can disappear ...
2010-06-09 01:12:44
What was photo ? Which comments ?
2010-06-09 01:01:15
Not only that, but now the actual photo has disappeared too...:-(
2010-06-08 23:27:38
Question : why the comment I wrote yesterday disappeared ? how is it possible ?