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Old Comments:

2008-08-02 22:07:30
Did you know those holes in the cactus are from birds nesting?
2008-08-02 22:01:00
Because we hope against hope that something actually of substance will be said about the photograph itself. I'm with you....
2008-08-02 20:30:57
Why do I waste my time reading these things?
2008-07-27 21:34:20
Thank you, Ebitary, I now return the vote to you.
2008-07-27 21:24:18
I my self gave + vote to your comment
2008-07-27 21:21:51
tankful from your standpoint
2008-07-27 20:04:13
I just gave myself a negative vote on my own comment. Although the quality of Ebitary's pictures has improved, he is still a serial poster.
2008-07-27 16:44:54
Ebitary: An excellent photo! I have to commend you on your evolvement from a 'serial poster' to a more selective chooser of pictures. Keep up the good work! ;-)