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Old Comments:

2008-03-03 09:59:20
2008-01-06 06:10:24
It happens... When you stand at attention for a long time on a hot day, you could faint.It has happened to me once...
2008-01-05 02:55:32
Are you sure? After all, if she's meant to be inspecting the troops she would inspect their rear. Unless of course the OC screwed up and forgot to about turn them.
2008-01-04 04:09:23
photoshopped, the guard would never have their back to the queen.
2007-12-30 07:21:48
Probably just never saw a shapeshifter before.
2007-12-29 11:11:22
I hope he likes his new assignment.
2007-12-28 11:07:48
I've done that a few times.
2007-12-28 02:47:19
just a subject