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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-11-24 03:41:23
So, somebody is playing silly buggers with the votes of this picture? This is not new. One day, somebody added 50 votes on one of my pics all at once, and on a few other posters' pics also. It happens, as does instant downvoting by a hundred votes even (my pics have experienced that, too). Then there was a case of a thousand votes added to a pic in seconds! Who has that kind of power? The MegaCheaters have. Look to the Number One cheater of Pixdaus, artemis, for some of those things. She upped and upped her pics in her file till she became number one on the top list, and she can do anything she wants with votes. She is also currently posting under other names and continues her cheating ways. Look around and observe... There are other people, trolls, that have endless votes at their disposal. They just want to cause trouble and chaos, they want us to start fighting and pointing fingers and hurling accusations. The votes on this pic were - I'm sure - given by a troll. It's just one pic, so let's all calm down. The troll is after reactions, so let's not give them to him, ok?
2009-11-24 03:32:22
Ok, letīs play fair here. If you guys say this photo wasnīt trolly up-voted, whatīs so interesting about it? What made it get so many votes? Letīs analyse its quality and concept.
2009-11-24 02:32:55
Lying with votes here!
2009-11-24 02:09:53
One-comment-wonder #573 No pictures but have something to say... patito you dumb coward: go home and fuck your goat you are married with! Fuck you you stupid asshole! Please have the balls and don't hide behind invented commentators! You are the cancer here on pixdaus, damn troll!
2009-11-23 23:00:40
Pathetic little child whining in the corner because someone else's pictures got more votes than his. Maybe he should go home to his mommy.
2009-11-23 21:14:18
ridiculous! over 60 votes in one hour!
2009-11-23 20:18:17
stop the vote-pushing for this pic, damn troll!