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Old Comments:

2009-03-24 04:03:54
This has more to do with raising the Russian flag in Berlin than you might think. THE OPENING OF A "Western Front" took the pressure off the Russians when Germany was forced to counter it. This enabled Stalin to occupy eastern Europe. Remember the Berlin airlift, Hungary 1956, the Berlin Wall. What the U S and England should have done is let Germany and Russia fight it out and the defeated them both. Russia had too many friends in the U S government to allow that to happen. I mean no disrespect for veterans of Normandy by these remarks.
2008-04-24 10:46:24
jdgitr...looks like that to me, too. But if you read some web sites and blogger's posts you'd think these were "brutal Americans" and their "puppet allies" entering France without the consent of the Vichy French and utterly disregarding the protests of the Italians, the Japanese, etc., and going on to "occupy" Germany, killing millions of "innocent" Germans, and forcing all those poor, innocent Jews out of their free "German government-provided communal housing projects." I admit that my own opinion has changed with time and events; I'm no longer a big fan of the Iraq War, and I recognize that it was a massive blunder that has led to tragedy at so many levels. But I'm not a Bush-hating loon who thinks the rust hole in my auto exhaust pipe is due to Bush's failed "steel policy." And by the way...the nuts keep saying this a "war for cheap oil for America." Hmmm...sure wish they'd hurry and make it available to us. Wow, did I hijack your post or what? (Sorry.)
2008-04-23 23:55:58
2008-04-23 06:17:13
Looks like freedom is coming to me.
2008-04-22 20:31:37
War's ugly face.
2008-04-22 20:30:14
I was about to say, those look like U.S. ships buy the clue "US" on the side. Thanks for correcting that.
2008-04-22 09:29:12
oops! so sorry about that wrong caption. this picture is from ww2 on D-Day