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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-12-20 21:05:54
Perhaps next time you invade Russia they'll let you starve and freeze to death again for old times sake.
2009-12-20 20:56:53
Same to you as regards the whole planet, otte.
2009-05-14 07:20:18
2009-01-19 05:40:36
Well next time they try to invade our beloved Berlin I'll shoot her anyway. Won't be easy though. XD
2008-12-29 13:22:18
haha, Norwegian1. We in central Brooklyn wish to be invaded also.
2008-12-11 12:51:58
wat the fuck is she doing in russia
2008-09-20 13:23:01
It can be valid model.. But for all doubting I shall simply remind, - back (can more) competition of Ms. the universe has won couple of years the Russian girl, and she the captain of police in Russia!!
2008-09-14 04:32:37
I live in Norway, and I wish to be invaded by Russia.
2008-09-07 09:45:52
I'm Russian, and can assure you that not all women in the army look remotely like this. (In fact, this is most likely a model, look at the makeup) Just saying!
2008-09-06 22:39:20
She sure is a RILF Muhahahahahaha
2008-08-16 22:11:44
Still able to kill
2008-07-09 03:58:33
I am sure she will be fucked in first foreign army's attack! it is better she stay away of any war!
2008-07-09 01:09:55
ÎæÔã ÇæãÏ ÇÒ ÑæÓåÇ ÈÇ Çیä ÓáیÞÔæä ˜ÇÔ Ç
2008-07-09 01:09:54
ÎæÔã ÇæãÏ ÇÒ ÑæÓåÇ ÈÇ Çیä ÓáیÞÔæä ˜ÇÔ Ç
2008-07-08 13:11:28
What? Only ugly women should be in the military?
2008-07-08 11:02:56
Your partly right, they ARE professional models. They were hired to display proposed new uniforms for the general staff about two years ago ... many pics were taken.
2008-07-08 10:50:18
What makes Popolov such a craptastic quack philosopher/political commentator/armchair psychologist? Was it child abuse? Was it some phallic disappointment that now causes him to swagger and project his aggressions onto pretty models in photographs? Maybe he'll tell us someday!
2008-07-08 10:08:02
This is likely a model shoot, nothing to do with military.
2008-07-08 06:49:27
2008-07-08 06:30:16
Or maybe her Dad was a professional military man and she wants to follow in his footsteps? Or maybe she wants to be a pilot or learn to repair helicopters? Maybe she has deep sense of patriotism, or maybe ahe can't afford to go to college and needs a job ? Why do women in other countries join the miitary? Probably the same in Russia, wouldn't you think?
2008-07-08 04:12:32
What makes a beautiful woman like that join the military? Was it child abuse by her father, invoking the aggressive instinct for 'revenge?'