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Old Comments:

2011-06-16 03:31:35
Sounds like it too, Connie. Abit like here in Melbourne with Australian Rules Football ... :)
2011-06-16 02:49:51
Vancouver has gone mad! Mad for the Stanley Cup, that is - Stanley Cup fever. Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins. The final game is tonight in Vancouver, the players' home turf. Dogs and children walking around with Canucks jerseys and t-shirts on (I kid you not). It's been crazy around here for days. I don't even have to be watching TV to know when the Canucks have scored...the horns from cars, ships and individuals blast all over Vancouver at the same time. Vancouver is having one big street party everytime a game is being played, with huge TV screens on the street - just like during the Olympics. We take hockey very seriously in Canada, eh.
2011-06-16 01:39:11
Many thanks, Connie... :)
2011-06-15 18:58:26
Lovely photo