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Posted By:jfdupuis

Old Comments:

2010-10-16 09:36:15
Let's talk about unfair DOWNvoting, for a change. - I have noticed that this picture has reached +11 or more several times, only to be knocked down again... I gave this pic my + vote because I happen to like it. Are people downvoting it because it's not nature? - How can anyone take the logo 'Nature Photography' seriously when at the bottom of every page there are those weird windows as links to decidedly 'non-nature' pictures and stories such as: 10 Most Offensive Mankini Pics Ever Sexy Chewbacca Costume 10 Worst Celebrity Cleavage Tattoos NFL Investigate Brett Favre Sexting Scandal 12 Celeb Blow-Up Dolls You Secretly Want To Bone Hottest Student Bodies 5 Hottest Actresses Busted With Erect Nipples Rihanna Nose Job? Paris Hilton Banned From Japan 7 People Who Took Animals for Lovers Sexy Super Heroines! Lady Gaga's Most Outlandish and Provocative Costumes The 50 Hottest Women From Spain 50 Women with the Hottest Boobs on Television The Hottest Girl You’ll See Today Kim Kardashian Naked The Truth Behind Paris Hilton’s Cocaine Arrest? Sexy Geekettes Lightsaber Fight The 50 Hottest South American Women 35 Sexy Celebrities When They Were Young Alicia Silverstone Loves To Garden Naked! Sexy Super Heroines! etc. I'll take this picture any day of the week! Thanks, jfdupuis!
2010-10-16 06:45:54
thanks, impressed