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Old Comments:

2009-11-21 18:05:59
Congratulations for the photos !
2009-11-21 07:25:37
Drop dead Cohise (aka chachacha)
2009-11-21 06:33:32
:-) :-) :-) Thatís very well of you, my dear observer. At last, a poster who knows which pics he has to upload. And Connie, she has still more beautiful pics, you know. Serve yourself. Go ahead. Why not? They, themselves, donít hesitate to steal this great pics from the real authors.
2009-11-19 21:02:05
2009-11-19 14:06:28
2009-11-19 09:48:01
Donít you ever look at the dailies, even? Connie just posted these a couple of days ago.
2009-11-19 09:28:42
Another unusual animal love story shocks the world. An 18-months-old dog and an 8-weeks-old wolf cub become best friends. Ulrok, a fully grown Rottweiler was more than happy to become the father figure in young Beldaranís life, after the poor baby was rejected by her natural mother. Kahlani, the wolf who gave birth to this little furry treasure, was too young herself and her maternal instincts didnít kick in. Caretakers at the Krisma Preserve, in Mt. Desert, Maine, tried to find another surogate parent for Beldaran, but Ulrok was the only one who accepted the young cub, when she was just four days old. Now they spend all their time together, playing in the sun, howling at the full moon and even sleeping together. Itís nice to see them getting along so well and, no matter how down you are, just one look at them will put a big smile on your face. But, once Beldaran is old enough to take care of herself, she will be introduced to a pack of wolves, to make sure she grows up to be a wolf and not something else. Photos by Bary Bland/ BARCROFT MEDIA