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Old Comments:

2008-07-09 01:29:06
i wonder why he/she has so much hatred in them. they must be a hacker of some sad, creepy kind. ignore!
2008-07-08 02:59:43
Fyi_0, I don't get it... THIS fyi_0 wrote 749 comments, rating 1965. The fyi_0 below has written 11 comments and has the rating of 13. How is it possible that the system allows two names that are the same but have separate 'accounts' so to speak? The comment below is written one minute after yours, so something is really screwy here. If you wrote the second one yourself, that would explain the time frame, but not the separate ‘accounts’ under the same name. I tried to write a comment under fyi_0 and I could not, so the name is registered. BAFFLEMENT.
2008-07-08 02:08:22
of course there's a Chinese restaurant in every single town on earth!