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Old Comments:

2009-06-22 12:30:37
You win patito! Your comment gave me the biggest laugh.
2009-06-22 10:36:19
Man...I can't believe how mis-informed you people are about Thai Poe..first, Thai Poe is the most commmon blood type...second, the famous American writer and author of 'The Raven,' Edgar Allan Poe, had a younger brother who sailed before the mast to the Far East, settled in Bangkok, married a local girl, and went on to father a large family, many of whom who were important and influential people in that country for many generations....they were known, of course, as the Thai Poes...
2009-06-22 08:52:19
2009-06-22 08:39:53
You think your Thai Poes are bad, I make so many Thai Poes when I'm Thai Ping, you would think I was Thai Ping with my... Thai Toes!!
2009-06-22 05:16:28
A good one ;-)
2009-06-21 15:27:55
I sometimes make Thai Poes while Thai Ping
2009-06-21 13:56:26
Another Pixdaus word/term for us to adopt: Thai Poe = typo. Thanks, A Bouts! Kewl!
2009-06-21 09:14:26
Velvet paintings! I'll have you know I have to much class to buy that stuff ;-) Seriously though, I didn't know it took a long time to change the background colour. You seemed to have done it very quickly. Bravo ABs
2009-06-21 05:32:50
Changing it to green was a lot of work. The one picture had 41 separate frames to redo the color on. And it had a lot of bleed over. So no I was not going to do it again in black. You'll just have to buy your velvet paintings on the corner like every body else. The translation site I used changed Thai to Thailand. And the reference I was making was to my comments at 17:55:31 & 18:02:36 Where I pointed out my incorrect use of the word "excellent" Oh and Thai Poe = Typo This where I got the French from:
2009-06-21 05:18:28
You can write French A Bouts - of a sort!! So, what you meant was when I asked you to also do the animation with a black background, you said that Forest Green was the latest 'in' colour because you don't know how to give it a black background. Did I understand you correctly ABs? And, what do you mean by Thai - Thailand Poe? My ignorance knows no bounds!
2009-06-21 03:35:16
Que plaisanterie vous ne recevez pas ? Celui du nouveau noir ou le Thaïlandais Poe ? ? ? Noir était toujours chic dans les vêtements, mais quand une nouvelle couleur part qui est réel populaire ils toujours que la nouvelle couleur est le nouveau noir. Et chacun qui est quelqu'un porte la nouvelle couleur. Le Thaïlandais Poe quand vous l'interrogez est le même comme typo. J'ai utilisé la forme fausse d'Excellents dans mon premier poste. Qui n'était pas exactement un typo, mais une faute sur ma partie.
2009-06-21 03:20:15
I still don't get the joke; I've never been very good at getting them, and as I get older... How about re-submitting it in French ;-)
2009-06-21 01:02:36
Whoops! Thai Poe "Excellent" I was going to type something else but didn't back up far enough.
2009-06-21 00:55:31
Excellence decision to go with the darker green. It's up to 31 votes.
2009-06-20 23:59:11
it; s beautiful
2009-06-20 16:18:53
At any rate it's a big improvement. ;)
2009-06-20 16:16:33
You said: Not being too demanding, but how about a BLACK background for a change...hmmmm? And I said: green is the new black...
2009-06-20 15:55:39
2009-06-20 15:48:36
Forest Green is the new black.
2009-06-20 15:38:55
A Bouts ma's excellent! What an improvement! I may not know how to do animations, but I know how they can be improved ;-) Thank you. Not being too demanding, but how about a black background for a change...hmmmm?