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Posted By:libellule

Old Comments:

2010-06-21 16:22:57
Danis, i didn't find "Olympus Camedia C-760 ultra zoom". I find for it battery and other pieces. But no more the camera. They have new models ... When you say "size", is it number of "Ko" or "length X width" of the picture ?
2010-06-21 02:05:18
When we take a photo the size of the photo is too big.Then with the cameras program or with photoshop they can change the size of the photo. I have the Olympus Camedia C-760 ultra zoom with super macro but it is already 5-6 years old.They must have a new model now.!
2010-06-21 00:53:13
"the professionals change the size of the photos to smaller" : what do you mean by that ? I don't understand ... Do you know the brand of camera you are talking about ? I'll look for it on Internet to know its price in France ...
2010-06-21 00:22:50
Hi libellule, I believe that the professionals change the size of the photos to smaller but I cannot swear...! Now about a new camera, there are digital cameras with super macro (close to 2cm) and with ultra zoom up to 30x. I'm sure that in France you have better prices than here in Greece...
2010-06-20 22:52:55
Kalimera Danis ! And thanks you ! Yes, I have beautiful flowers, but I am disappointed when they arrive at Pixdaus : I send sizes around 750-800 Ko. And they become/turn into 60-80 Ko. They loose their main qualities :-( Each time, I wonder how the professionals succeed to get such quality with small sizes. How do you explain it ? I have an old camera, and I am going to change it nearly. How to choose ?
2010-06-20 07:28:01
Kalispera libellule, you have beautiful flowers!