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Old Comments:

2010-04-03 16:07:53
Oops ! Sorry, Connie. I guess that's how lifelike those roses are. They sure fooled some people. I thought the picture of the wolves was real as well. Some people can really capture scenes so well, even though what they are photographing isn't the real thing... ..
2010-04-03 15:48:31 mean I smelled silk and not roses?!! Heehee...I guess I didn't look closely. I recently posted a painting of wolves and thought it was a photo. Well, I did get a new prescription for my glasses, so I better get going with it ;-)
2010-04-03 12:05:58
That 's' should be so. Sorry about that...
2010-04-03 12:05:05
I can't spot the leaves unravelling s much (must take an even closer look at that) but I sure can see some roses unravelling now, particularly the pinkish coloured one above the bottom rose on the left hand bottom corner of the picture. Your yellow pansies sound really pretty, Poppy. I'd love to have that in my flat. Maybe I can post a couple of photos of my plants outside the flat (though I know that they will probably get downvoted). I did mention before, that my daffodils are coming up (just the leaves at the moment, no flowers) and it is only early autumn. It's been so warm here recently. It's still quite mild and we never get 25C in April that much. I hope that you'll be ok with your pot plants, Poppy. That would involve alot of hard work. But I love repotting plants. I used to do volunteer work in a university a few years back repotting plants and sowing seeds. I really enjoyed it too..... :)
2010-04-03 11:53:07
...look at the edges of some of the leaves, you can see the material unravelling, that's how I could tell.. The only atrificial flowers I have are some yellow pansies, but I have so many pot plants that my place looks like a jungle! It's getting to be the time when I have to start repotting some of them before they burst out of their pots. For doing that to the biggest plants, I have to get help because they are floor-to-ceiling trees and very heavy!
2010-04-03 11:29:07
Well spotted, Poppy. I wouldn't of realized that if you hadn't seen that. On closer look, I can understand why you think they might be silk ones. Still, they are really lovely to look at. I have alot of artifical flowers in my flat that look like the real thing. And pot plants too.... :)
2010-04-03 11:26:59
Thankyou, Poppy. I love flowers alot just like you do and I'm with you about not having too many flowers around... :)
2010-04-03 11:26:00
Thanks for that, Connie... :)
2010-04-03 11:18:43
Just noticed: they (at least most of them) appear to be silk roses, and very good ones, too!
2010-04-03 11:15:47
Beautiful roses, Mary! I'm such a 'flower nut' that there could never be too many flowers for me... ;-)
2010-04-03 11:12:29
I can just smell them!
2010-04-03 11:07:48
That's ok, Skip. Glad I could help with that. I have trouble sometimes where I'm not too sure if I've spelt words properly. In fact, I think I have those moments, far too many times for my liking. Oh well, such is life... :)
2010-04-03 11:03:04
Thanks for spelling bouquet right for me Mary, I looked it up but couldn't find it,,,I never payed this much attention to my spelling before pixdaus....probably a good thing for me :)
2010-04-03 10:57:37
Thanks for that, Skip. Yes, you are right. I think it would make for a beautiful bouquet too.. :)
2010-04-03 10:53:12
Lovely pic Mary! it's nice to see all the different colored roses. I think that would make a beautiful boquet.