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Posted By:WitchGirl

Old Comments:

2010-06-21 17:15:41
Witchgirl, I used Google to help translate what said and it translated it as saying.... PrzepiÍkna range of colors! As in a fairy tale! And I think by having 'pl' on the end of his/her email address, it looks like he/she comes from Poland. I could be wrong though....
2010-06-21 17:09:48
Superba poza...Romania inca are ce arata lumii...bravooo !!!!
2008-12-23 23:25:11
Nice shot! Unde anume in Romania e facuta poza?
2008-12-18 16:54:33
Atleast please tell us what language this is..
2008-12-18 07:02:25
PrzepiÍkna gama barw!Jak w bajce!!!
2008-12-18 06:42:06
in english pls ;)
2008-12-18 06:31:49
PrzepiÍkna gama barw!Jak w bajce!!!