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Old Comments:

2011-06-24 18:15:11
Yeah , I remember when I just came here. I remember one user who helped me to understand what is happening here and how this site works. It was you Connie. And I don't forget goodness. Think what you want Connie but I'm not your enemy. And I was on your back to pick few bullets that was comming at you!
2011-06-24 18:08:36
Tnx 4 what? It's my motto!
2011-06-22 20:57:15
It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, and a man makes his way to his seat right at center ice. He sits down, noticing that the seat next to him is empty. He leans over and asks the man beside the empty seat if someone will be sitting there. "No," says the neighbour. "The seat is empty." "This is incredible", said the man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs and not use it?" The neighbour says "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Stanley Cup we haven't been to together since we got married in 1967." "Oh ... I'm so very sorry to hear that. That's terrible. But couldn't you find someone else, a friend or relative, or even a neighbour to take the seat?" The man shakes his head. "No, they're all at the funeral."
2011-06-22 20:51:31
What's with you Peasant, and why are you on my back? I suspect that you think 'fed up with assholes' is me. I don't use such language! It never entered my mind that you might be all those names, so why so defensive, are you hiding something? You have been on this site for a couple of years now. Once you act nasty one time too many, you change names. Remember Sea Lemon; I forgot the other two names you admitted using. Like Poppy, your nastiness is generally more're slipping.
2011-06-22 15:59:14
Connie's motto: IF YOU CAN'T CONVINCE THEM, CONFUSE THEM! (Thanks, Peasant!)
2011-06-21 17:25:04
PS: Dear troll's , user can down vote his own comments! Like I down voted all my comments here right now. ;)
2011-06-21 17:19:43
tnx hth @ Connie :* :) Gotta go over&out 4 today.. CU at 24.06.
2011-06-21 17:12:38
You're neither Connie nor salt of the earth. You're among the very FEW honest people on Pixdaus, Peasant.
2011-06-21 17:00:57
hehehe... Let me hear you.. Who believed in those two lies I wrote above? :)
2011-06-21 16:46:55
As a matter a fact, I am Connie!
2011-06-21 16:40:18
I wrote it... :P ;)
2011-06-21 16:30:16
Sayers is right and so is connie is 100% trouble. There's NO WAY the comment by salt of the earth was written by any other person than Connie.
2011-06-21 16:09:08
Conculsion should be conclusion, of course.
2011-06-21 16:06:05
The comment of salt of the earth is PURE CONNIE. She had written a comment by salt of the earth on another pic, then saw the comment here by azertyX and responded in 100% connie while still as salt of the earth. The scene is indeed poorly written and the author is connie herself. Now she's trying to talk her way out of it but who believes her? No one. "That's my last comment on this" connie says. She says that every time she's lost an argument. And this is not even an argument because her blooper is plain for all to see. Conculsion: Connie is and always has been a troublemaker - she thrives on it.
2011-06-20 23:41:01
You're so bad at your games. First azertyX sets up the scene by making the initial comment, then salt of the earth writes the comment, then aladin pipes in. Now W.W. Sayers strolls in on the stage to deliver the final cliché in a poorly written scene. All the same person with various troll names, crawling out of the same slimy rock. You're probably one of the cheaters seeking out revenge because I'm the one that posted the original Gossiping Ducks cartoon, making everyone aware of what is happening on "Recently Up-voted. If you're going to pull a stunt like this, at least be good at it and not have it looking so contrived and amateurish. That's my last comment on this. My original response to Canuck Madness was to let anyone, who was interested, know what happened. I have only posted a few comments since my return; it has all become a bore. I stopped posting photos a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop. I leave the space for all the cheaters to post theirs.
2011-06-20 20:49:14
Connie's back, after posting some repost comments and 2 cartoons. In regard to log-ins: As usual, connie does not know how Pixdaus works. She is avoiding the 'accident' she made. Hmmmm. Very wise.
2011-06-20 20:31:54
YOU ARE A LIAR W.W.SAYER! No one was logging in as Connie since my username is registered. Like I told everyone, my friend was staying at my condo for the months I was away. She used different names for posting photos and comments - and I provided those names to everyone. She could not have used my name because, again I repeat, MY USERNAME IS REGISTERED. Crawl back under your rock W.W. Sayers.
2011-06-20 19:51:02
What an explanation from connie, huh? No amount of explaining will work because connie was logged in as salt of the earth when writing comments elsewhere, then she saw the comment by azertyX and jumped in, forgetting she was not connie but salt of the earth. Accidents like that just don't happen, THEY ARE MADE. Also, funny how someone was logging in as connie over a hundred times during the time connie was supposed to be away from Pixdaus for about 4 months. Figure that one out, if you can.
2011-06-20 19:33:07
You sound like a bunch of cackling hens, when the rooster (salt of the earth) came by. I must say, salt of the earth, you got the reaction you wanted. I'm supposed to have written the above comment, and I ended the comment with "At least, I post my comments using my name - you gutless wonder." Then I typed the name 'salt of the earth' and typed the red number given by Pixdaus, which I would have had to do since the name is not registered (I checked), and clicked 'Say it'. My friend told me that Happy Jack and she thinks it was with White Eagle, that one of them answered in anger at a comment directed to the other. It's a different scenario 'accidents happen'. He would not have had to use a number given by Pixdaus. She also said that while I was away, Connie was accused of comments many times. Patito is accused of being everyone. So, stop being so gullible and know when you're being set up.
2011-06-20 11:36:05
Oops! Connie had a Happy Jack accident. Oh dear.
2011-06-20 08:12:34
SALT OF THE EARTH IS CONNIE! WOW! Caught in the act, no less! Connie, connie, you should check what nick you're using before you write a comment! We've all known that you have a nasty streak a mile wide, but now you've actually given us proof of it - thanks hugely. After you realized your mistake, you then wrote silly comments on nearly 3 pages of pics so as to 'bury' your mistake. How lame is that?
2011-06-20 03:06:00
At least, I post my comments using my name - you gutless wonder. That is your answer to azertyX. But what is your real name then? salt of the earth or Connie? The same scenario happened with Happy Jack.
2011-06-19 23:26:08
I have no idea what you are's not well worded! What do you mean by "one could not see any punks for miles around? Are you that stupid? Were you there like I was? I saw the riot when I got to Granville; I saw the 1000s of observers not taking part in the riot, but busily observing or taking pictures. I saw a black plume of smoke reaching towards my balcony; I saw the devastation on Granville Street - next day I saw the devastation on Georgia Street. I live walking distance to those locations. You and I obviously have a different interpretation of 'punks'. Anyone that acts like a hooligan, vandalizes etc is a punk to me...I don't care what age they are. And, don't tell me what age was there. I saw for myself what and who was there. Don't be so arrogant to assume YOU know what happened in MY neighbourhood. At least, I post my comments using my name - you gutless wonder.
2011-06-19 14:26:39
Everyone makes mistakes. And one makes corrections. It is part of life. Except for Connie? One COULD NOT see any punk for miles around. Vancouver was well overcrowded with hooligans. And some other people has already pointed this out to you. But you stick to your viewpoint and has to repost the same shit. Shame on you!
2011-06-19 09:13:21
Here's an excerpt from the Vancouver Global News: Vancouver riots, one Vancouver Sun reader, Emily Nicole Edgar, was stuck on the roof of the parkade above the scene. "I was trapped on the roof of the parkade on Seymour between Georgia and Robson on the night of the riot," she said. "I am a student photographer and I shot some images and video from the roof. It's not the clearest footage but I think it shows that they are not kissing, and that she is injured. It also shows the boy, who she may or may not have known, trying to protect her from the riot squad... I would like to clear up the situation so that the jokes at this poor girls expense can end." She has sent a video to the newspaper showing what she saw that night. Another witness, William, also wrote to the newspaper to explain what he saw. He said: "I was on the top floor of a parkade on Seymour, the couple was right outside of the parkade on the street in front of me. What happen was the police line rushed the crowd and this couple trying to stay together couldn't react in time and were run over my 2 riot police officers. The girl who was knocked over landed head first on the pavement with her boyfriend landed partially on top of her. She was in visible pain, crying, but the 2 officers gave them a parting shove and moved on. By standers went to go make sure she was ok. I understand that the front line police have to control the crowd but it is a bit ridiculous that they couldn't have other officers or paramedics behind the line to help anyone who is hurt." The family said Jones has been in Canada for six months, working as a bartender and performing a live standup show. The original photo, which went viral on the web, was shot by Vancouver photographer Rich Lam.
2011-06-19 09:11:23
Sorry Canuck Madness - I had not heard anything about that.
2011-06-19 09:10:15
I did not see this story the next day in the Vancouver Sun! Maybe I missed it. I have not been watching TV...too sad! I spoke to family and friends about the riot, but nobody mentioned this story. So, not big news here. Someone had posted a few photos of the riot, and I left a comment under one. The photos disappeared very quickly, so here is my comment again for anyone who is interested: " It is a shame for all Vancouverites. A group of troublemakers managed to ruin the reputation of a world-class city. What the world may not know is that these punks were not true fans. They came to the downtown core in the afternoon, well before the game at 5:00 PM, with hidden alcohol and molotov cocktails; so, no matter who won, they had decided to have a riot. I saw the pubs and sports bars full, with huge line-ups by 2:00 PM. It was a ticking time bomb. The drinking age in British Columbia is 18 or 19 years old. Maybe we need to raise the age. My friends and I had decided to go watch the game at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) plaza; they had a huge screen, and its within a couple of blocks from the arena. We decided at the last minute to watch the game at my place, and then go out and join the crowds. I'm walking distance to the downtown core. Thank God we changed our minds because that's where the riot started - around the arena and CBC. A while after the game, we walked towards Granville Street. As we got closer, we started to hear popping sound, yelling and saw some smoke. By the time we got there, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. There was complete bedlam. The crowds had started to move from the arena & CBC area and were now moving on Granville. It was scary to see so few cops facing a huge crowd of 1000s of people. What we did not know then was that the majority in the crowd were spectators. We left right away and returned to my place. On my 15th floor balcony, we saw a huge black column of smoke slowly moving towards us. It was eerie to see three police helicopters circling around (they kept at it until about 1:00 AM). By then, watching my TV, we knew what was going on. Regular cars and two police cars were burning, along with other things. It was obscene to see on TV the spectators (residents & tourists) taking pictures with cameras and cell phones of burnings, wounded people, vandalism and looting. The Royal Canadian Police (RCMP) was brought in to reinforce the Vancouver Police. Also, 52 police officers from Abbotsford, a city outside of Vancouver came to assist. This morning, I walked around the Granville area. I was very sad to see. The many windows of the big department store Hudson's Bay had been broken and were now boarded were many other places of business. I called a friend where I used to work, at- the Library Square Tower, which is across the street from the CBC. She said that when she left work at 4:00 PM, there were already a lot of drunk kids milling around. Most of the cleaning was done by the City Crew during the night, but many storefronts were boarded up. She had spoken to a guy in a restaurant there. He said that a mob had forced their way in the restaurant scaring the patrons, who hid as much as they could; it was a very scary time for them. The one person I hold with absolute contempt is Francesco Aquilini, the owner of the Vancouver Canucks. He kept answer the reporters with coarse four-letter obscenity. This is a slum landlord of the 1960s-70s who made his money from the poor. He behaved as, and I quote the Vancouver Sun “a petulant rich kid whose toy broke”. The ones I respect were the Canuck’s Sedin twins who were gracious in accepting defeat when facing reporters; most of their teammates were hiding in the back rooms waiting for the crowd thinned out. The Boston Bruins won 4 – 0 in the Stanley Cub Final Game. Their goalie, Tim Thomas, was amazing to watch. Congratulations to a great team – the Boston Bruins. "
2011-06-19 06:12:32
They said the very same thing on one of our news services here on TV, that the man was protecting his girlfriend. It is also in the paper as well....
2011-06-19 05:56:54
I wonder how many believe you ;-)
2011-06-19 05:51:31
This is a news photo taken in Vancouver during the 'hockey riots'. The girl was knocked down during the riots and was simply being comforted by her boyfriend, while the rioters were being brought under control. The photographer did not realize what he had photographed until later on when he was reviewing his photos of the riots.
2011-06-17 15:21:36
Fake or not, this is very impressive !!! I like it :)
2011-06-17 12:46:22
a female alpha-cat? :)
2011-06-17 07:11:53
This is the purest definition of an alpha guy /not excuser Look around, all those guys who'd try stop him yet he has the best girl I will come back, i'd rly like more info how this scene occured
2011-06-16 18:43:46
ademiromano: good pic ! Love Is All: “Make love, not war”. Right ! But to the point now, here: looks just like a flat show. For more information: UPPERCUT ----- U-SMILE-TOO !!!
2011-06-16 15:44:29
Make love, not war. Yeah.