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Old Comments:

2010-03-23 05:49:28
I'm not an expert on photoshopping, but this photo certainly looks photoshopped. It's nice though.
2010-03-23 02:30:13
None of you people know what you're talking about. Anyone who has ever been farther north than Minneapolis will immediately recognize this as the Upper Mississippi. That looks like Mount Wobegon on the left, and the Keillor Glacier can be seen in the distance. And that vessel most certainly is the Robert E Lee...although it is true that once past St Louis the crew hang signboards with 'Empress' on them over the real name. That's because many of the people up there, having watched too many episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies and the Dukes of Hazard, are fearful of southerners, fully expect to be invaded by rebel forces, and are known to fire on vessels with southern-sounding names like Robert E Lee or Dixie Queen.
2010-03-22 16:36:17
We thought alike, d9... :)
2010-03-22 16:35:26
So I would be right then in saying that this body of water is NOT the Mississippi...
2010-03-22 16:34:10
There is no question that it is not on the Mississippi.
2010-03-22 16:03:34
It is the Empress of the North NOT the Robert E. Lee from New Orleans