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Old Comments:

2010-08-23 14:36:11
Nicely browned marshmallows! - Now we need to have a weinie roast
2010-08-22 13:53:50
@ Skip I didn´t mean to say that only Mary´s links helped me...I was perfectly able to paint a picture in my head with your description too, thanks for that :-) Now, do smores go well with eggnog? :P
2010-08-22 13:15:54
that's so true, but I knew how to describe making them, because I've had them a few times...actually both recipees I gave jujuba for the egg nog, and the smores are like rare treats to me...not something you'd want everyday, but really nice on a special occasion. :)
2010-08-22 13:12:39
The best thing to do with that then when words become absent and you're trying to describe something, is to find a link that will explain what you're trying to say. It helps out so much doing things that way. You are very welcome to the links as well, Skip... :)
2010-08-22 13:06:22
I also tried to explain with words when jujuba asked about them...sometimes it's hard to paint a picture with words...thanks for the link Mary :)
2010-08-22 12:48:08
BTW, you are very welcome to the links as well... :)
2010-08-22 12:46:31
LOL.. :-) Yes, I saw that about the thai chicken. I made sure though that when I clicked on that ink a second time, that it came up as to info on smores and it did, thankfully... :)
2010-08-22 12:12:55
Oh, I always thought that smores were simply roasted marshmallows...thanks for the links Mary, though I was wondering why you had posted a 'make-thai-chicken' link he he :P
2010-08-22 11:20:22
Now I know what they look like.... 'more Just like the Mars Bar, I think I'll give it a miss, ladies. I'll just have the toasted marshmallow on its own... :)
2010-08-22 11:17:11
I've never heard of Smores until you started to speak of them here, Skip. I don't think we have that tradition here Down Under. It's ok to have something very sweet if it's a rare treat. Makes you look forward to having that alot more I think... :)
2010-08-22 11:13:45
You know I don't like things that are real sweet Mary, but I do like chocolate, and even though smores are very sweet, it's one of those special occasion rare things that you have when you're camping. like a campfire tradition. :)
2010-08-22 11:09:30
That sounds like having one of those fried Mars Bars in batter, not that I've ever had one. But a friend of mine says that they taste really nice. I don't think I'd like to try it... :(
2010-08-22 11:06:32
I'm totally serious :) think about it, gramm crackers are not that salty, and you put two halfs of the hershey bar on each side then you add your roasted marshmellow, like a sandwich, but the marshmellow melts the chocolate so it is a gooey mess...but if you're a chocolate lover like go with it :) it's not the same as roasted marshmellows...that's when you just eat the roasted marshmellow.
2010-08-22 10:58:36
Smores! That´s the other word I was looking for - I had heard it on a movie. Are smores the same as roated marshmallows then? By the way Skip, I never had them, just like eggnog :P Chocolate between two salty crackers, are you serious? It sounds so odd :-|
2010-08-22 10:55:53
Aaaw, so sweet...thanks for that Connie :-)
2010-08-22 02:39:52
haha, nothin like a roasted frog between two tree barks!
2010-08-22 02:35:08
Marshmellows...Smores...that's a bunch of Girl Scout stuff.....we Boy Scouts were sissie food for us.. when we camped out we ate nothing but leaves, grass, acorns, toadstools, frogs, insects and tree bark !
2010-08-22 02:10:40
Thanks Connie...that looks great, I love camping out... and we have to have some smores! I wonder if jujuba has ever had them before? but to save time I'll just say it's one roasted marshmellow and a chocolate hershey bar between two gramm crackers,,,now that's yum! :)
2010-08-21 22:03:18
Thanks for that, Connie. They look yum too... :)
2010-08-21 15:50:33
In North America, it's known as roasted. I guess because they are being roasted on a stick over a campfire/bonfire, just like you would do with a chicken, kebabs, corn on the cob... etc.