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Old Comments:

2011-07-06 03:25:00
Let's keep this going and set a record for the most inane comments on any one up-load.
2011-07-04 19:49:46
I'm off to catch my ferry for Vancouver Island, so hold off your attack on me until Wednesday or Thursday. I wouldn't want to miss any insult ;-)
2011-07-04 19:31:48
Psssst Monsieur Big Bird....I posted the pig photos (not the original by katal) and I'm pig phobia. So sorry ;-)
2011-07-04 19:23:45
Monsieur Poirot is correct...mea culpa mea culpa. I was just teasing you Katal and to show that things are not always what they seem ;-)
2011-07-04 19:07:26
I have investigated very good. I regret to advise it is again Connie the Manipulator who posted the other pig images, as Mr. Pig Sty, Miss Piggy and the third one I don't remember the username. I Poirot is getting old and memory is bad, oui. It is also Connie who is pig phobia. She is sly like a fox. So, you see mon ami Katal, iz not Patito, it iz that crafty Connie. I have talked to her and she admitted, but only under great duress, that I am, as always, correct. Sincerement M. Hercule Poirot
2011-07-04 11:17:13
It is you who needs to take a rest from accusations you can't back up. There is not one comment here by patito. Yet.
2011-07-04 10:58:54
You're right, Bothered! Must be Heathrow, Schiphol and Atlanta Airport combined.
2011-07-04 08:35:36
Give it a rest patito, everybody knows that you posted the pig uploads and they also know that pig phobia is another of your alias names. As for this upload, there have been over 90 comments on here (mostly by you (using a half-dozen names) and connie). Outside of perhaps 2 or 3 others, nobody is bothering to even read them and that includes me.
2011-07-04 08:31:10
I'm coming in here just to get away from all those pigs out there. They are HUGE!
2011-07-04 06:25:06
Well patito is back to his old tricks of simply removing photos that are not to his liking. But I will keep on posting.
2011-07-04 05:39:17
C.B.Wells - not likely Burlington Berties - possibly sally1960 - definitely not; sally sounds very much like White Eagle. That's why I'm havin' a duel with the witch with a capital b.
2011-07-04 05:11:07
C.B.Wells, Burlington Berties and sally 1960 are all clearly the same poster and probably conspecific with patito. If, by chance, they are not patito, they share his penchant for stirring up others. It is long past time I repost my recommendation that everybody simply ignore them.
2011-07-04 03:05:39
Non non - It iz sally1960 who iz wrong. She has insulted moi, my most excellente réputation. So, I challenge you to a duel madame sally. Being a verry polite Franz woman, I give you zee choice - the gun or the epée. I must say, mon brodeur taught me to shoot the carbine when I was 12 years old. I neverr miz the prairie dog or ze jackrabbit. As for the epée...well Sister Marie Madeleine was verrry concerned about my size. I was a verrry puny little girl and many bad boys were mean to me. So, no bad garçons beat me, she taught me how to fence. She looked soooo silly prancing around with her nun clothes. But, she was deadly accurate. I can prove dat with all my scars. So I am a duelliste of great renown - well seasoned. If it iz the épée, I will bring K9 Poster az my porte-épée and she will also serve az my second. Alors, iz it gun or épée and who e your second sally1960?
2011-07-04 02:29:26
Heh! Nothing wrong with my ditty...considering it took me just two minutes to come up with it. Too many people with no sense of humour....sigh
2011-07-04 02:27:22
sally 1960/Burlington Bertie/Patito In an earlier comment, on this page, you stated "I never make claims I cannot back up". Well you claimed I made comments that I never did, that you cannot back up. Your comments maligned me, not Connie, and you owe me an explanation as well as to owing to me to set the record straight. And yes, I am having a happy life, and it is not dependent on Pixdaus.
2011-07-03 20:41:22
You are so droll So fly fly away troll You are being funny funny As you cruise down the runway So, I write you a ditty Because you are somewhat witty
2011-07-03 20:16:39
If idiots could fly this place would be an airport...
2011-07-03 19:31:17
2011-07-03 19:23:15
If you are referring to Poppy, I've proven her nastiness by pointing out her comments; in some cases,copying them from previous comment pages and pasting them on the present pages. Also, I brought everyone's attention to Poppy's statistics taken from her homepage. Crawl back under your rock troll.
2011-07-03 14:11:00
Prove it? Why should I prove it? When did YOU ever provide proof for all your the witch hunting and the accusations you've made? Never. You hit and run, that's your M.O.
2011-07-03 08:56:18
I don't ever remember Ardycejean calling anyone a bitch. If so, prove it.
2011-07-03 08:32:58
K9 Poster didn't, Ardycejean did. Same thing.
2011-07-03 08:23:55
I don't ever remember K9 Poster calling anyone a bitch. I'm sure she is having a better life than you. You sound bitter.
2011-07-03 08:12:56
It is no use to try to appear as missy goody two-shoes when you have been caught at lying. You think nothing of calling someone a bitch yet you now give us a squeky-clean version of yourself, a lady living in California. I hope you have a happy life.
2011-07-03 08:10:06
They did not vote against your photo for Canada Day; the vote was against me. Three friends posted photos for my birthday on 24 June have all disappeared - voted to oblivion. As for Skip, I can't respond to that because I could never figure out what is going. Skip and Poppy have been the biggest cheater on Pixdaus, but they have always been untouchable. All the photos for her birthday were up-voted very quickly - almost like in a frenzy. It's weird, but interesting to observe. I'm working on my geneology, so I am a lot on the computer. When I need a break, I go to Pixdaus. You have the same time zone as me - Pacifc Time. Nighty night ;-)
2011-07-03 08:01:08
Heehee - It is old fashion...yet you can't be that old (like me, I just turned 66) since you are still working. Or, did you drink and/or gamble all your money, so now you still have to work? Here's the British expression I know 'Indeed' or 'Yes, indeed'. There's a guy on one of my two favourite stations - BBC Newsworld - who uses it a lot when doing the news. Now 'shucks' is truly American, especially from the American West. Hmmmm...maybe you are Texas Patito visiting Oklahoma.
2011-07-03 07:57:52
Also wondering = yet another troll name for patito. Also another very familiar patito tactic, change the user name and ask a question! As for the comment, I didn't make it in the first place. In the 2nd place any comments that I ever made to Connie were made OVER A YEAR AGO.
2011-07-03 07:50:17
K9 Poster, you said: I find it extremely weird that he should profess to have a memory of comments posted over a year ago. How did you KNOW that the comment refered to was posted over a year ago? Unless you had made it??????
2011-07-03 07:38:35
I forgot to add that I did not pursue Comedy Theatre in that due to an accident, my memory is not as good as it was before (some people swear it's better now :-). Can you imagine forgetting the punch line in front of an audience? Oh well, I have other fun things - hiking, cycling. I'm off on Monday to Vancouver Island to visit friends for a couple or so days. We'll be doing some cycling through a very scenic area. I'm sure you're a long timer on Pixdaus. I hate unsolved mysteries, so what is your username? Cheers to you too
2011-07-03 07:28:55
My British company sent me on a work exchange to Oklahoma. The musical of the same name seemed to go hand in hand, and because I can sing I got bullied into the production. Yes, I am a male, for all my sins. Cheers!
2011-07-03 07:17:15
Yes, dear heart is a British expression and it is a term of affection. Shucks, I cannot believe I used it. I am so sorry.
2011-07-03 07:11:59
Why are you so quiet K9 Poster (Ardyce)? Is it beddybed time in your time zone?
2011-07-03 07:10:31
I asked 'Dear heart? you responded with a question. Is that a British expression? It sounds old fashion.
2011-07-03 07:03:51
I did respond, dear Connie. I'm nor Ardy so I cannot speak for her.
2011-07-03 06:57:44
Again, I repeat, are we reading the same stuff? C.B.Wells did not say that one can sue an anonymous person. Perhaps, in time, it'll happen, but for now it's not possible. The comments here made me look into it. CBW appears "to be observing behaviour when people are hiding behind an anonymous username", so what is your problem with that? People can study what they choose, so why is that an issue with you? Dear heart? Hm. I wonder. Like I said, I like women with spunk.
2011-07-03 06:45:54
I have not always seen you manipulate people in a positive way but I like a lady with spunk. It is a great shame you and Patito are targeted the most on Pixdaus, but does it not feel wonderful to be omnipotent? I am not sure about some of your comments not being harmful, but at least you have the way with words and you can defend your position no matter what. That's what I like. I'm a Brit, recently moved to Oklahoma, learning to sing Oklahoma! in my neighbourhood amateur theatre production. So much fun. I am enjoying this. Hm. This did not start well, but it has turned into something else............
2011-07-03 06:35:54
You and Ardyce have still not responded to my question above. Getting slow?
2011-07-03 06:34:49
By libellous I was referring to C.B. Wells saying that you can sue an anonymous person. As for research: CBW was saying that he/she uses Pixdaus for research. In that case, it could only be observing behaviour when people are hiding behind an anonymous username, or something like that. Dear heart? ;-)
2011-07-03 06:28:00
Are we reading the same stuff here? Libellous comments? I did not see any libellous comments by C.B.Wells. As to the definition of research, there are many forms of research. You can do research on the type of shoe you want to buy let alone do research on anonymous internet sites. I am not butting in, I just want to get to know you, dear heart. You're interesting.
2011-07-03 06:16:57
I only manipulate in a positive way. In this case, it was to prove that too many people think they know who made such and such a comment. Patito and I, in particular, are targeted the most. Apparently, we're everywhere, we're omnipotent. Other times, it's to trigger some interesting conversation, or to joke around - nothing harmful. admire a cyber lady? I, Aline, am not religious but I am spiritual. I try not to harm my soul or anyone elses. You are beginning to have respect for me? Maybe...hmmm...I've just manipulated you ;-) Where do you live and you too Ardyce?
2011-07-03 06:09:16
Nah, three's a crowd.
2011-07-03 06:05:24
NO, such a wonderful person as you would not make fun of other peole. Would you?
2011-07-03 06:03:27
Hey, I actually admire you, dear lady, but I have never before seen a comment by you where you 'fess that you manipulate people. I know that you do, but until now you have not admitted it. Perhaps you have spiritually grown. Hm. I am beginning to have respect for you. Wanna Meet?
2011-07-03 05:57:16
But what about Ardyce aka K9 Poster. Aren't you inviting her for this rendez-vous?
2011-07-03 05:55:48
Psssst. I'm making fun of you
2011-07-03 05:52:29
Anyhow, we seem to be in the same time zone, Connie, so how about getting together in real life? We'd have a lot in common, our sense of humour, for example.
2011-07-03 05:49:56
Uh-oh, Connie, why did you let the cat out of the bag? I thought we were doing so well............
2011-07-03 05:44:32
NEWS FLASH Connie is unable to create her own lines and has to borrow mine. As in: Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 05:42:26
NEWS FLASH Connie is advising me to be "careful". How courteous. Careful is my middle name. I never make claims I cannot back up. See 'ya. Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 05:41:58
It's not new because I admit it everytime I do it. It might take a few days, but I do admit it. Know anyone else who does that B.Bertie?
2011-07-03 05:39:25
Oh WOW! I just noticed that Burlington Bertie, K9 Poster and I are on site at the same time. Very spooky stuff indeed, with that Tacky Trio. Why, they can only be up to no good. Maybe they planned this all along. But the big question is WHY? Please stay tuned.
2011-07-03 05:35:41
NEWS FLASH Connie admits to manipulating people. Sorry, this is not news, but could not resist. Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 05:33:32
And I get accused of be paranoid. Be careful BB, K9 Poster and I are plotting your demise...but only after a long and painful drawn-out battle. Stay tuned, folks ;-)
2011-07-03 05:31:51
NEWS FLASH K9 POster is lying about not having a connection with Connie prior to her incarnation from Ardycejean to K9 Poster. As Ardycejean, K9 Poster wrote the following to Connie: ” …your dear friend Patito uses far worse language on a daily basis. Instead of calling him out for it … you praise him for it.” Hey ho, K9 Poster, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it. Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 05:31:27
I have never idolized Patito. But, I do think that he gets accused of many comments that he did not make. Recently, I did a little test. I made comments using a 'Americanized' name and used Texan expressions. Right away, a few accused Patito of those comments. So, it's very easy to manipulate people on Pixdaus, because we don't know each other and we cannot see each other's face and body language I don't care who and what was said, UNLESS someone tries to ridicule or demean another person. I will butt in then - for myself and others. I used to work with a woman named Ardyce, so I figured you were probably a woman. Is Jean a family name? If so, it's French. Canada's former Governor General was married to a man with the last name of Jean. Jean is also a first name (John in English). I was born on 24 June. If I had been born a boy, my father would have named me Jean because that day is a huge holiday/celebration in the province of Quebec - St. Jean Baptiste Day.
2011-07-03 05:29:12
Burlington Bertie, you may be able to convince others that you are not patito, but you will never convince me.
2011-07-03 05:18:52
I have always said that I am against people butting in when there is a bitter fight going on. Bird Bird and C.B. Wells were just having a disagreement. Don't make it more than what it was. And, I only responded to C.B. Wells' comments re libelous comments and research. Why are you butting in on this? Let C.B. Wells respond is he or she wishes.
2011-07-03 05:15:27
NEWS FLASH Amazing that K9 Poster should be here at the same time as Connie. Hm. The mind boggles. I wonder... no, that cannot be. Still................. I was holding my breath while waiting how long it would take for someone to bring up Patito's name. I can breath now, LOL. I ain't Patito. "However", Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 05:14:22
Connie: Burlington Bertie/Patito seems to be blowing smoke rings. When I was posting as ArdyceJean, I posted 60 photos and made 58 comments. All of the comments that I made were pretty vanilla and none of them mentioned you in any way at all. Any and all connections that we had were after I had gone on to the K9 Poster ID. I do remember that I was quite disappointed in the way you seemed to idolize patito. And I am a woman. Ardyce Jean is my real name just as Aline is yours. My last name, my husbands name, is better left off of here. My husband used to upload photos to Pixdaus himself, but quit well over a year ago after Patito started launching attacks on him for no discernible reason.
2011-07-03 05:11:18
You seemed to imply that I should not have made any comment to K9Poster because, long long time ago, he was supposed to have say I have weird agendas. In other words, that I should hold a grudge...maybe? Recently, White Eagle, for no apparent reason, accused me of having a vendetta. I never responded to it at the time. In wanting to put my point across that I don't hold grudges and am not on a vendetta, I used White Eagle's comment as a example. You seemed so full of yourself in thinking that you have 'discovered' that a few names are one of the same. So, I threw in White Eagle's name for good measure...I suspect he's one of the same anyways. Why did you bring up the many ArdyceJean names, Happy Jack, and Big Bird? You most certainly implied that all those names are one of the same. Who cares!
2011-07-03 04:46:51
I'm just wondering how my ID got pulled into this. Yes, I previously posted as ardycejean and changed the name to K9 Poster after patito completely destroyed the ardycejean credibility with continual lying comments. To say that I am also Big Bird, Happy Jack and White Eagle is ludicrous. I am, however, firmly convinced that Burlington Bertie, Jake the Pegleg, C.B.Wells and, of course PATITO are all the same person. Using many different troll names, and even talking to himself via them, has been a patito trademark from as far back as I can remember. As far as Connie is concerned, I can remember commenting back and forth with her a few times on Pixdaus. This was approximately a year ago. I don't have specific memory of any specific comments, however, I am reasonably certain that I never accused her of having a rather weird agenda. In fact, as far as my memory goes, I always regarded her as a friend. As far as Burlington Bertie/Patito is concerned. I find it extremely weird that he should profess to have a memory of comments posted over a year ago.
2011-07-03 04:45:26
NEWS FLASH Connie said: "I only responded to C.B. Wells' comments." Connie is famous for sniping at people for "butting in" to comments that are not directed at them. Why, then, did she butt in to an exchange of comments between Big Bird and C.B.Wells? Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-03 04:33:08
NEWS FLASH Quotes from Connie: “Contrary to White Eagle's accusation, I'm not on a vendetta. White Eagle has many names and many accusations. What does it matter if K9 Poster, Big Bird, Happy Jack, ArdyceJean, and don't forget White Eagle, are one person? What you did not say is that Big Bird, Happy Jack and White Eagle have been caught cheating.” White Eagle? White Eagle? White Eagle’s accusation? How does White Eagle figure into all this? Nohow. Connie is up the creek without a paddle again. Nice to know, though, that K9 Poster, Big Bird, Happy Jack, Ardycejean and White Eagle are one and the same person. I did not know that. Hm. I am slipping, apparently. Or, Connie is just muddying the waters, she’s very good at that. She should get the Grimm Brothers Award. Stay tuned, folks, the saga will continue (knowing Connie).
2011-07-03 04:04:43
K9 poster wrote "...we were somewhat of 'cyber buddies'...". So, I responded jokingly "Cyber buddies is nice ;-)" What is your problem with that? It's a meaningless comment. I never have and never will believe in cyber friends. One may enjoy communicating with someone on the Internet who seems friendly or interesting or informative or whatever. It could happen that two people, who are genuinely themselves could find some common ground and become pen pals. But, developing a true friendship between two anonymous persons is bizarre to me. I don't remember ArdyceJean writing that Connie has "rather weird agendas". He has the right to give his opinion; there is nothing offensive or personal in that comment. What do I care what someone says about Connie! Even if I had remembered, my response would have been the same. Contrary to White Eagle's accusation, I'm not on a vendetta. White Eagle has many names and many accusations. I do however go after Poppy. After over a year of her 'subtle' insults without responding, I finally let her have it. She is the only one on this site who has repeatedly used words to try to ridicule and demean me and others. I provided support to Big Bird under this pic?? I only responded to C.B. Wells' comments. Where do you see support for Big Bird? What does it matter if K9 Poster, Big Bird, Happy Jack, ArdyceJean, and don't forget White Eagle, are one person? What harm is being done? What you did not say is that Big Bird, Happy Jack and White Eagle have been caught cheating. Why are you so concerned about multiple names but not cheating? What I do find very bizarre is that you can actually remember that once upon a time ArdyceJean wrote that Connie has "rather weird agendas"!! Are you sure that ArdyceJean did not write that Connie has A rather weird agenda?
2011-07-03 03:08:13
NEWS FLASH Check out the comments under the above URL, please. In the past, cyber buddies have been an anathema to Connie, but now she says “Cyber buddies is nice ;-)”. Wow. K9 Poster ‘fessed being ArdyceJean in the past and is now trying to pal up with Connie. How sweet. Once, Ardy accused Connie of “having rather weird agendas” and was far from a “cyber buddy” of Connie’s. Conjecture: K9 Poster is also Big Bird who got support from Connie under this pic and is now buttering Connie up for further support with another nick (K9 Poster). This is a match made in heaven, folks. Consider also this, dear readers: It is more than likely Big Bird used to be also known as Happy Jack (the style of language matches) who had to bail out in disgrace when he accidentally let loose with particularly nasty lingo and got caught. Aw. How sad. ArdyceJean/ ardycejean/ Ardycejean, K9Poster, Big Bird and Happy Jack are not having a very successful career. What will be the next nick they’ll use? Stay tuned, folks.
2011-07-02 10:01:40
You live in an imaginary world, C.B.Wells. Do you really think a Kentucky law would have any influence with an internet service provider in England? For many years the US. Federal Government (that yields considerably more influence than Kentucky) has been trying to get Swiss banks to reveal the owners names of numbered bank accounts. However to no avail. And what about off-shore gambling cites that are conducted with complete anonymity? Nobody, anywhere would take internet slander of an anonymous name as a serious matter. And how about your friend patito? He uploaded photos and conducted serious slander in regards to some poor man in Nebraska (who's name alludes me) last year. This unfortunate man probably knows nothing of it, but he was already the victim of identity theft when somebody else lifted and used his identity.
2011-07-02 03:16:10
Jakethepegleg, pay attention ;-) C.B. Wells responded to my comment that “an anonymous person cannot slander……another anonymous person, by citing a certain case. That case is not relevant to my comment because the person who was defamed was known. To make it clearer, I perhaps should have written that a person, anonymous or not, cannot anonymous person. CBW disagrees with my assessment of not being able to “disgrace or slander or malign or harm the reputation of an anonymous person on the basis that behind every anonymous person there’s a real person….” One cannot, under any circumstance, sue someone for defaming an anonymous person UNLESS the comment is written such that one could reasonably identify (not guess) the name of the person being defamed.” I cannot imagine, now or in the future, someone being sued for defaming an anonymous person UNLESS the comment is written such that one could reasonably identify the person being defamed. The example given by CBW re a Pixdaus user giving his friends his username: the judge would say ‘tough luck, if you wanted to remain anonymous, you should not have given your username to friends who also use that web site”. After reading comments here for the last three years, nothing has been written that would be worth suing for. We accuse each other of cheating by self-voting, reposting, lying. A case such as this would be laughed out of court, but not before the judge told the one suing he/she was wasting the court’s time and would have to pay all court costs…which can be substantial. As for Connie being famous – she would more likely be infamous. The real I, Aline, would not come across in that novel, because Connie’s Super Ego is too dominant, with her Ego surfacing just sometimes and her Id rarely. My comment to you, CB Wells and Big Bird is more the real me (Aline), using my Ego more than my Super Ego and Id ;-) Re any research: Based on my studies, doing research in various positions I held and working on my Masters, I cannot agree with you or CBW.
2011-07-01 22:38:52
Connie, pay attention. C.B.Wells wrote, in reference to slander of an anonymous person: "There’s no recourse I could now take, but in the future I could, judging by the current trend toward openness on the Internet." So, CBW agrees with you as to current law, but disagrees with your assessment of not being able to "disgrace or slander or malign or harm the reputation of an anonymous person" on the basis that behind every anonymous person there's a real person whose reputation CAN be harmed in the manner that CBW described. Alas, at the moment, there's nothing that can be done about it. There are many types of research, Connie, not only academic/scientific research. I don't recall CBW referring to either of those. If you let your imagination run riot, you could even imagine that CBW is gathering background material for a novel whose characters are based on anonymous people on an anonymous Internet site, perhaps this one. That would be a blast, don’t you think? You’d be famous, Connie. ;)
2011-07-01 21:46:51
C.B.Wells - In re-reading my last sentence, I find it a bit abrupt. What I want to say is that based on all my work in research while working on my Master, I have to disagree with your comment.
2011-07-01 21:43:34
Regarding your comment "the name of the person defamed (Liskula Cohen)", says it all….there was a real name in that instance! I contacted the British Columbia Law Society yesterday. I spoke to a lawyer who takes calls. He laughed. Then he added “Mind you, Americans have some strange laws”…then he laughed again. He agreed with my statements “you can’t disgrace or slander or malign or ham in any way the reputation of an anonymous person”. To sue someone on Pixdaus because he/she insulted you and your friends know your username, is absolutely bizarre! Another thing, in the three years I’ve been on this site, I have never read anything that could go to court without a judge laughing the case out of the courtroom. I don't agree with your comment re research - it tells me you don’t know much about research.
2011-07-01 15:30:38
My second sentence should be: I am so glad YOU speak the truth. :)
2011-07-01 12:45:01
The Kentucky bill was, of course, just one example of measures currently emerging in regard to anonymous Internet posting. I am so glad to speak the truth. But, tell me, how often do you get bullied about your name? I mean, it must be very hard to be called C.B.Wells is a liar. Yes, I do lie occasionally, the same as anyone else (except you, of course), but I am neither old nor an asshole.
2011-07-01 12:20:45
I don't think you are doing any research at all C.B. Wells, you are nothing more than a lying old asshole. OK, in spite of any Kentucky law (present or future) you would not be able to sue me for slander (even if Pixdaus did reveal my true identity) because: (1) I speak the truth no matter what name you want to go by, and (2) Kentucky law would never be taken seriously here. P.S. I wan't to tell the world that you don't floss either.
2011-07-01 12:10:33
Creepy? Yes, it is creepy because my comments don't contain false accusations, foul language, endless 'duplicate' comments, name calling etc etc etc - things which are running rampant on Pixdaus. I am not 'dealing' with Pixdaus, as you put it. I am using it as research material, as I do with dozens of other sites. I consider that an honorable task compared with all the shadowboxing that most of the present Pixdaus comments contain.
2011-07-01 12:00:22
It is also comforting to know that you are performing to an already established formula: Avoidance of responding to comments that have proven you wrong about something; i.e. You DID accuse Patito of being behind other nicks.
2011-07-01 11:54:45
To Connie ”It is bizarre, to say the least, to include Pixdaus.” It is not bizarre at all, Connie. Pixdaus would be included in the websites operated by “other owners” (meaning other than news media), and defamation claims are being targeted at anonymous Internet posters, period. That is the point: The courts are already ORDERING Internet sites to reveal identity info. In this case, the name of the person defamed (Liskula Cohen) was already known, but the slanderer was anonymous. “Google was ordered by a US court to hand over details of the blogger who made libellous claims against former model Liskula Cohen.” Now that blogger’s name is known (Rosemary Port), she is in turn suing Google for revealing her name. “In recent years, users posting anonymously on blogs and forums have come to realize more and more that, while the Communications Decency Act protects providers of online internet service from defamation lawsuits, it does not protect the actual posters of defamatory comments. As such, people who thought they were posting anonymously on the internet have increasingly found that they can in fact be held responsible for their actions.” “…there are individuals who use the screen of online anonymity to say hateful, disgusting things that can be incredibly harmful. The Skanks in NYC case [Liskula Cohen case] does appear to demonstrate however that anonymous posters online are becoming decidedly less anonymous as time goes on. It is possible that, in the end, the posters of morally reprehensible content online will be just as immediately identifiable and accountable as those who perform morally reprehensible actions in the real world.” I have merely scraped the surface of the topic but it is clear that it does not take a sage to see that ‘anonymity’ is no longer what is used to be. You said: “There is no such thing as defamation on Pixdaus BECAUSE we don't use our real names. You can't disgrace or slander or malign or harm in any way the reputation of an anonymous person!!” Oh yes, you can disgrace or slander or malign or harm the reputation of an anonymous person. Although we are all anonymous here, on Pixdaus, among one another, we are not anonymous to our outside friends who know our anonymous names here; that makes us flesh and bone. If I am slandered here in a comment and my friends see it, they’d know that it is I who am being slandered and not some anonymous, ethereal entity. There’s no recourse I could now take, but in the future I could, judging by the current trend toward openness on the Internet. - In not very far future, when one anonymous Internet poster slanders another anonymous Internet poster, the repercussions could be enormous…An anonymous person has a REAL person hiding behind the anonymity, and that REAL person is the one actually writing the comments and posting them, and therefore could be targeted by a defamation claim if that person has maligned or harmed another anonymous person (who is just as real). You said: “It does not make any sense saying you are doing research. In this type of research, a legitimate researcher would never tell a group what they were doing. Otherwise, it would corrupt the results/study/research.” It would not corrupt my research in the least. Why would you presume to know what the aim of my research is? For what purpose? Who it is targeted at?
2011-07-01 10:33:16
Thank you for your comments Connie, it is comforting that their is at least one other person, besides myself, that sees how bizarre these C.B. Wells comments are.
2011-07-01 10:30:49
George Orwell was an author who wrote two very important works that are very often quoted and commented on. These were Animal Farm in 1945 and 1984 in 1949. Both of these works were fiction, however based on a political agenda that prompted many political agendas. The book 1984 was based on predictions as to what might occur in the year 1984. This year has come and past, but some of the concepts are still very pertinent. Particularly the "Big Brother" concept. In Orwell's book, "Big Brother" was an all controlling person who's real identity was unknown. He spied on everybody else and kept track of their activities, then by various means controlled their futures. He was not above lies and deceit in doing so. THIS REMINDS ME VERY MUCH OF THE CREEPY WAY IN WHICH C.B. WELLS SEEMS TO WANT TO DEAL WITH PIXDAUS! Political thoughts and agendas, such as those used by the characters in 1984 are thought of as being Orwellian.
2011-07-01 04:06:30
Who is George Orwell?
2011-06-30 22:16:02
Your comments in paragraph 2: It does not make any sense saying you are doing research. In this type of research, a legitimate researcher would never tell a group what they were doing. Otherwise, it would corrupt the results/study/research. Your comment in paragraph 3 re defamation: It is bizarre, to say the least, to include Pixdaus. There is no such thing as defamation on Pixdaus BECAUSE we don't use our real names. You can't disgrace or slander or malign or harm in any way the reputation of an anonymous person!! That would apply to your Orwellian Homeland Security. But, I think the rest of the world may have a say against the US trying to impose their suppression of free speech on us ....even if the States has a lot of influence regarding content on the Internet. Unfortunately, many Americans don't realize how much of their democracy and free-speech has been eroded through time, first by McCarthy and now Homeland Security and others. It is happened very slowly and quietly. Your form of democracy and your form of right of free speech already started to change even before the McCarthy era of the 1950s. Senator McCarthy was replaced by the very often heard phrase "It's un-American". It is very scary for many people to be accused of that - the people who are dependent on the public for their livelihood/careers, such as those in the media, politicians, actors, teachers etc. It is a very effective tool to use to silence anyone who does not go along with the so-called 'American way'. Sadly, the US is slowing making George Orwell’s prediction a reality.
2011-06-30 21:30:44
THE ABOVE COMMENT WAS FOR C.B. WELLS. Big Bird: Pixdaus is actually a very good site to study 'group dynamics' and write a paper on it. Long ago, I told folks here that I was doing that for my Masters Degree, but only after I realized, due to a severe motor vehicle accident, that I could no longer pursue my Masters - I was half way finished. Someone then made the same C.W. Wells (probably the same person). I can assure you that someone who was truly doing such research would not say so, as it would corrupt the results/research.
2011-06-30 21:19:52
2011-06-30 09:48:04
C.B. Wells: When you write the following: "C.B.Wells is one of the nicks (which are all registered) I use for writing comments from time to time. As to why I engage in such activity is for me to know and for you to keep guessing at, but let’s just say that I find anonymous Internet sites eminently fascinating and that people’s behavior in such environments provides me with endless research material." That is more than weird that is simply scary. This website is for people to post and share nature photos and not for mysterious agendas like yours. I would imagine that their would be many many internet sites that you would find more suitable. I thought that everybody visiting this site was at least interested in looking a photos. Most of them vote and many upload photos. My guess is that only a small percentage even reads comments much less makes them. We have enough trouble getting along as it is without somebody like you trying to stir things up for your mysterious research.
2011-06-29 10:21:25
I did not ‘accuse’ you of being another. I wrote: “Judging by the 'howevers', you're Big Bird.” I apologize for my wording, but even as it stands, it merely implies that because you use ‘howevers’ a lot in your comments, the writer of the comment (June Justice) could well be you. Next time, I’ll be more precise. You said: “But you come right out and forbid me to accuse you of being patito.” Where did I ‘forbid’ you not to accuse me of being Patito? As I recall, you have never accused me (at least under this nick) of being Patito. In any case, I don’t ‘forbid’ anyone to do anything. Asking someone to stop doing something is not tantamount to forbidding. C.B.Wells is one of the nicks (which are all registered) I use for writing comments from time to time. As to why I engage in such activity is for me to know and for you to keep guessing at, but let’s just say that I find anonymous Internet sites eminently fascinating and that people’s behavior in such environments provides me with endless research material. In answer to your “And just where and when have I made all of these previous comments claiming that patito is responsible for this or that?” here are 2 examples: “I uploaded this photo and within 3 minutes it was voted -3. Thank you patito, but I doubt with most of the others will agree with your assessment.” “Yeah right, patito (also known as not patito, connie V, connie V.5, connie VI, etc).” In those comments you claimed Patito is 4 persons, and then added etc. for good measure.
2011-06-29 08:35:40
Hello C.B. Wells Apparently somebody thinks that either you or I are poppy. However, I know I am not and I doubt that you are. If you are a long time viewer, why have you never commented before the last few days (in the last several days you have made many comments)? Or is C.B. Wells simply the latest troll name for you to use? Curiously in one of your other comments (posted to Pixdaus photo 290734) you have accused another (apparently with what you apparently regard as a troll name) of being me. But you come right out and forbid me to accuse you of being patito. THAT IS WHAT I CALL PARANOIA. And just where and when have I made all of these previous comments claiming that patito is responsible for this or that?
2011-06-28 10:32:45
Hello Big Bird I did not claim that I am a brand new user. I said I am merely a viewer. Don’t presume to add words to my comments that are not there. As to Patito, you have many times accused him of deeds you have not been able to prove because there's no proof to be found. I don't suffer from paranoia, but judging from your many previous comments where you have claimed that Patito has been responsible for this or that, you are the one suffering from that affliction.
2011-06-28 10:15:01
To C. B. Wells You seem to know what you are talking about in regards to your statements regarding the 18+ section, and I am inclined to believe you but this brings up a big conundrum. In another comment that you made yesterday, with another uploaded photo, you claimed to be a brand new user to Pixdaus. It is impossible for me to believe that a new Pixdaus user would have your information and I doubt if many of them would even know what you are talking about. Regarding patito, it is you and not me that brought his name into this and, regarding this issue, you seem to have an extreme paranoia.
2011-06-27 10:03:05
To Big Bird No single action by a Pixdaus user can send a picture to the 18+ section, it takes quite a number of 'flags'. Of course, the flagging can be accomplished just by one person if that person has numerous cheater votes at his/her disposal. The number of flags needed to send a picture to 18+ is not known (not even to Pixdaus) but I am sure it is less than 13 flags, which means that it is a quicker way to send a picture out of the general view than giving it -13 votes. Pixdaus is now full of downvoters and users who have turned into trolls, raising as much havoc as they possibly can. You, Big Bird, have many times falsely accused Patito for many acts he has not committed, therefore adding to the troll activity, albeit doing it under your own nick. It is best not to throw accusations around when you have no proof of anything. I say this just in case you decide to bring Patito’s name up yet again. I upvote your pics all the time although I have a good mind not to because you like putting the blame on users who do not deserve it, thus inviting further trouble. Whoever has sent your birds to 18+ has done so with the knowledge that eventually either you or someone else will accuse Patito of doing so.
2011-06-27 09:00:08
By the way, this change in the upload status was accomplished by a Pixdaus user and not by either a Pixdaus or Environmental Graffiti.
2011-06-27 08:57:52
When I access the photo, via my home page, I get a message that it has been moved there. If you want to verify this just go to my, Big Bird, home page and pull up recent photos. If you, like me, are not a premium user you will simply get a sign saying it is in the +18 section. However, if you are a premium user, then apparently you can access the photo.
2011-06-27 08:38:42
If you don't have access to +18 section, how come you know it was moved there?
2011-06-27 08:36:54
what comment
2011-06-27 08:35:57
This photo was previously uploaded last night, but was mysteriously moved to the +18 section. A place where it definitely does not belong. I am not a premium user and don't even have access to the +18 section, nor do I want to have this access. However, I would like for this upload to remain here where it belongs.