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Old Comments:

2008-08-14 21:02:23
Why fly? Why not just teleport themselves from place to place?
2008-05-24 19:24:51
I suspect they made the doors narrow and high like that to prevent fat chicks getting in there or trying to climb over to have a go at this new-fangled "driving".
2008-05-24 19:08:43
Look at the size of the beast! The headlamps give it a very Thomas the Tank Engine feel to it. We've definitely come a long way yes, but unfortunately cars today shouldn't run on gasoline and they should fly. Just my thoughts on the matter..
2008-05-24 09:35:35
The door hinges down and there's steps on the inside of it which you can't see :o)
2008-05-24 03:31:05
the lady comes with the car and stays in there.
2008-05-24 02:10:43
Great photo. Thanks for posting it. Shorpy is a great site. Good choice. While not 100% sure, I think that the car is a 1928 Packard, with modifications.
2008-05-24 00:11:06
It does have a running board, doesnt run very far though!
2008-05-23 23:58:26
That is called a 'honk-honk! It must surely be an American job. Look at the size of the toy bumper, the steam locomotive headlamps, and to cap it all, NO running board. Perhaps a collapsible ladder was used to assist ladies getting in and out?