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Old Comments:

2009-10-22 21:37:57
What a small world...believe it or not, I actually knew Lulabelle...she was a friend of my father, who was a skilled and enthusiastic fisherman, and Miss Lula, as we called her, visted in our home a number of times on her trips to Texas, where she came once a year to seek the rare and elusive ( and dangerous ) Lupus guadalupus, or Texas Wolf Mom was always polite to Miss Lula, though a bit stiff and formal, and I don't think they liked each other very much......
2009-10-22 19:01:38
"IT may surprise you..." - Somebody stole a T... nothing is safe around here... ;-)
2009-10-22 18:47:20
I may surprise you to know that there really is a Stripped Bass (Morone lulubellus), a very close relative of the Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis). Stripped Bass got its name after the famous stripper Lulubelle “Polecat” Fisher who – unlikely as it seems – spent all her spare time fishing around the world. She caught a strange-looking bass-like fish in the Hulahula River (yes, there really IS a river by that name) in Alaska which became the talk of the ichthyologists worldwide. The lulubellus has more stripes than the Striped Bass, which is kind of funny when you consider Lulubelle’s profession: she takes off rather than adds on. To cut a long story short, Lulubelle was able to give up stripping and ‘poling’ and now makes oodles of moolah by guiding fishermen and women to the Hulahula in search of the very elusive Stripped Bass…
2009-10-22 05:08:33 need to down-vote Spellcheck's comment..he/she is right...and I especially deserve to be called on this kind of thing, considering how much sport I've made out of other peoples' mis-spellings and grammatical errors...
2009-10-22 04:09:44
Both, looks like ! : / You know, I wondered about that one p or two p's business momentarily when I was typing it and muttered something to myself about how I had a fifty-fifty chance of one or the other being correct so to hell with it, post the photo and get on down the road.....would have taken me about 6 seconds to check the spelling, but no, I didn't, so now I stand utterly humiliated in the presence of God and all mankind !
2009-10-22 02:16:26
"Stripped"? Stripped of what? Dignity? Clothes? Of course if you were talking about the stripes on the fish, then you would have spelled it "Striped Bass", wouldn't you? Looks like you were typing too fast, Patito. Take a deep breath and slow down ;-) Nice fish.